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A Moving Robin Williams Tribute By Billy Crystal

Here is the video of them from the Mets game.

Florida Woman Has Surgery To Add Third Breast Because Florida

third breast

A young woman in Tampa Bay, Florida saved up for over two years in order to have surgery to add a third breast to her chest because Florida.

Jasmine Tridevil, as she refers to herself, is a 21 year old that had to contact at least 60 doctors before she found one to take her case.

The best part, however, is that Jasmine had the surgery in hopes of landing an MTV reality show. Really, though, is it that far-fetched? MTV puts a bunch of stupid shit on their programming list, so Tridevil’s idea isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Louisville Unveils Uniforms For Matchup Against Florida State


Louisville and Adidas have unveiled the special uniforms they will be wearing when they take on the defending National Champion Florida State Seminoles on October 30. They have been dubbed “Showtime”.

Hopefully the new threads will be able to knock down Florida State and, in turn, knock some sense into Jameie Winston. I won’t hold my breath. But the uniforms are still pretty sick.

John Oliver Roasts Roger Goodell On Last Week Tonight

john oliver roger goodell

One of the best shows on television right now is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Oliver is a tremendous smart ass so his talents totally lend themselves perfectly to his Jon Stewart-y role.

Last night one his show, he moved his crosshairs to Roger Goodell’s press conference. During the segment, Oliver claims that Goodell talked for 45 minutes about, essentially, nothing.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Booty’ Feat. Iggy Azalea Has Enough Ass For Your Whole Weekend

jennifer lopez iggy azalea 1

You won’t find a bigger fan of Jennifer Lopez right now than us. A couple weeks ago we told you about a new movie where she plays a teacher that bones her student. The American Dream, amiright?

Well, now we have even more of a reason to love her as she has released the video for her new song “Booty” featuring another plump rump in Iggy Azalea.

Blake Shelton Tap Dances During Lip Sync Battle With Gwen Stefani & Jimmy Fallon

fallon lip sync battle

One of Jimmy Fallon’s more popular segments on The Tonight Show is his lip sync battle. We have seen the likes of Emma Stone and Joseph Gordon-Levitt grace the stage along with Fallon, but perhaps the best two competitors yet appeared last night.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani joined the host for his battle and were both fantastic. Actually, the both won.

Hump Day Hottie: Bryana Holly

bryana holly 16

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is Bryana Holly who seems to have been made to do two things on this earth.

1.) Wear the smallest amount of clothes possible

2.) Melt computer screens

And let me tell you, she is excelling at both.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 085: Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy And The NFL’s Scandal, Texas Coin Flip, Papelbon’s Junk, Urban Outfitters Are Assholes & Poetic Nelly Lyrics

podcast featured

Welcome to episode 085 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! The second full week of NFL games is in our back pocket but all anyone can seem to talk about is Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald. All of those players were somehow directly abused someone close to them. Rice, though, is trying to appeal his indefinite suspension after assaulting his wife while Adrian Peterson — who has been accused of abusing his four year old son — has been activated again. AP’s might be the most ridiculous, especially since he has been accused of abusing another one of his sons.