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A Moving Robin Williams Tribute By Billy Crystal

Here is the video of them from the Mets game.

Zach Galifianakis Roasts Brad Pitt On A New ‘Between Two Ferns’

between two ferns brad pitt

Zach Galifianakis has struck gold with his comedy short on Funny Or Die, Between Two Ferns. His latest episode, featuring Brad Pitt, is no exception to that. It even has a cameo by Louis C.K.!

I think my favorite part would have to be when Galifianakis asked if it was hard for Pitt to keep  tan because he lived in his wife’s shadow.

Hump Day Hottie: Mariah Lee Bevacqua

mariah lee 3

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is Instagram All-Star Mariah Lee Bevacqua…or just Mariah Lee…or Smoke Show…the names are endless really. Just like her steamy pics on Instagram. It’s a shame this Southern Cal beauty isn’t 21 years old yet because he body does nothing but scream “body shots”.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 90: NFL Review, Oscar Pistorius, The SEC Is Rolling, LeBron James Thinks The Bulls Are Better, World Series Starting & A Lot Of 90’s Nostalgia

podcast featured1Welcome to episode 90 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We have a little bit of everything in this episode. In fact, we got a little sidetracked and the first 15 minutes or so is basically just a whole bunch of 90’s nostalgia. Here’s what we covered this week!

Oregon Students Played Beer Pong In Stands During Blowout

oregon ducks beer pong

I can’t say that I would have ever thought of bringing a blowup pool beer pong table to a football game, which is why these Oregon students get the tip of the cap.


During Oregon’s blowout of Washington at the Autzen Zoo, these students combated the boredom by playing beer pong in the stands.

Who Would Play The Kansas City Royals In A Movie About Their Postseason Run?

kansas city royals screen grab

Not a question everyone asks themselves, I know. But when @DiNunz and I were talking about how the American League playoffs unfolded for the Kansas City Royals, I couldn’t help but mention that their run “could be a movie.” The Royals are sitting at 8-0 in this postseason as they await the start of the World Series on Tuesday night.

Since we all have to wait to see if their streak continues, we figured we’d have some fun with their success. We went back and forth with what actor would portray what player in the movie and before we knew it we had a list of over a dozen.’s #StuffThatsAwesome Is The Only Place You Should Be Shopping


Two things that Thunder Treats has been all about for the last six years is stuff that’s awesome and women.

Hello? It’s in our tagline. Humor, Women, Sports, Music, Entertainment and Awesomeness.

So when we came upon, you can imagine our surprise to find something that was keenly in line with our own thought process. In fact, when you check out their site, you’ll probably be thinking “get outta my head!”.

WATCH: Shia LaBeouf Recalls Drunk Nights Just Like We Do

shia labeouf drunk

Except when Shia LaBeouf does it, he is on Jimmy Kimmel Live and in front of millions of people.

While on the late night show, LaBeouf recounted an arrest in New York City after getting kicked out of a cabaret club. He was candid and open about what happen, not to mention hilarious.