Loser Keeps Bieber Billboard Ups Stakes for USA Hockey

Plus 23 other awesome billboards from Command Transportation

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Vanilla Ice in the Kraft Mac n Cheese Commercial is Awesome

Listen and watch as he resurrects the Ninja Rap

Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping Videos on The Tonight Show, Requests ‘Luda’

brian williams tonight show

Brian Williams was on The Tonight Show last night and sarcastically addressed the problem he is having with Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show crew putting together clips of his newscasts as rap songs. In February, Fallon nearly broke the internet when he showed Brian Williams rapping “Rapper’s Delight” and last night he debuted the newest video with the news anchor rapping Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”.

Magician Darcy Oake Just Took ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ to a Different Level

darcy oake

Canadian Darcy Oake appeared likable from the beginning. It helps that he looks like he is taking a break from a boy band but he showed that he can be funny as well, telling the judges “When I was a kid I had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor, but my parents insisted that I become a magician”.

After a montage of 26 year old Oake that showed him doing amateur magic tricks when he was younger, the magician got down to business. His jaw-dropping tricks where he pulled birds from only God knows where left the audience and judges stunned.

The Thunder Treats Power Hour Podcast


Last Friday, DiNunz, Rob C, Big Monk and myself sat down in the Thunder Dome to conduct the second annual Thunder Treats Power Hour Podcast.

Like last year, we did it live again and it was another successful shit show. This year, you can actually hear the music changing ever minute. We did it to a 90′s mix we found on PowerHourZone.com. Also, be warned that this is the raw audio from an hour long of drinking. I’ll go ahead and slap a NSFW tag on this.

The Trailer for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black is Here


Let me start by saying that if you haven’t binge watched season one of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, then you should take the holiday weekend to do so. Honestly, what did you do with yourself during this horrid winter if you weren’t watching Orange is the New Black? You have until June to watch, too, so I’m not making you rush.

The season 2 premier of the smash Netflix Original Series is set to premier in June and the trailer for the season has been released.

Nina Agdal Playing Basketball in Her Pajamas is a Good Reason to Follow Her on Instagram

nina agdal basketball

Holy moly.

Those were the exact words I uttered when I saw one of my many crushes, Nina Agdal, showing off her basketball moves via Instagram last night. The SI Swimsuit cover girl took to the hard wood in her pajamas to do a little shoot around and the result is a movie you can replay over and over and over. Trust me, I’ve tested the theory.

Let me just say two things before you watch; If the WNBA was like this, it would generate NFL money and this is the number one reason right now to bring back MTV’s Rock n’ Jock B-Ball Challenge.

Tries to Take a Train Selfie, Gets Kicked in the Head by the Conductor

kicked in the head

In what was thiiiiiis close to being a Darwin Award finalist for 2014, we have a young man that saw opportunity for Facebook likes to soar to heights only attainable in his social media dreams. People would surely retweet this hundreds, if not thousands of time. This is it, he thought. This is my time. No one has ever had a train selfie.

Instead. He got kicked in the head by the conductor of the train because he was too close, I guess.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 065: NBA & NHL Playoffs, 49ers Having a Stellar Off Season, Hillsborough Disaster, Boston Strong & Kate Upton Needs Slapped


Welcome to the 65th episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast featuring @DiNunz and @Lydell. The NBA is finally getting some love on the podcast now that the playoffs are getting ready to get underway. Don’t worry if you miss some of the games, they’ll be on until June because the NBA has the worst playoffs in sports. In related news, the NHL playoffs are also getting ready to start and thank God DiNunz is here, otherwise we would be clueless. Also, he has some choice words for Columbus Blue Jacket Fans.