Stone Cold Steve Austin on Same Sex Marriage

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Best Thing You’ll Watch Today: The Daily Show’s Take On ESPN’s Reporting Of Michael Sam

jon stewart

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are one of the best programs on cable these days. His deadpan humor mixed with the complete and utter mess the world is in right now is a refreshing way to watch the news.

They took a break from politics to focus on the absurd reporting from ESPN on Tuesday. During the broadcast, ESPN correspondent Josina Anderson began reporting on the showering habits of St. Louis Rams Michael Sam, who revealed he was gay prior to the NFL Draft.

Johnny Manziel is ‘Johnny JamBoogie’ In New Snickers Spot

johnny jamboogie

Johnny Manziel has an endorsement deal with Snickers and I may never refer to him as Johnny Football ever again. In the new spot below, Johnny takes on a new workout regimen by teaching an aerobics class. His name?

Johnny JamBoogie.

I will never call him Johnny Football again.

Texas A&M’s Brand New Bright Football Complex Is The Tits

tamu bright football complex

I couldn’t think of a better way to explain just how awesome the brand new Bright Football Complex is at Texas A&M.

The House That Johnny Built has one of the most incredible locker rooms you will see in college football complete with a barber shop and TVs in the mirrors in the bath room. Bascially anything you could think of that would fit in the $20 million-plus budget.

Hump Day Hottie: Ashley Sky


I think at this point, I won’t be looking anywhere else for Hump Day Hottie’s other than Instagram. If you’re wondering why, look no further than the account of Ashley Sky.

This model/professional smoke show seems to have a bum that was made for the bikini. She also is a pro at making sand on the ass look cute and sexy as hell. Bravo. That’s not an easy task.

Ashley has modeled for numerous brands and has graced the pages of FHM Spain. She has also hosted some killer parties at different clubs in Vegas.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 082: College Football Is Back, ESPN And Michael Sam, Sam Bradford, Love In Cleveland, USC’s Josh Shaw, The VMA’s, The Emmys & Urban Dictionary Trivia

podcast featured

Welcome to the 82nd edition of the Thunder Treats! COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK! The NFL is almost back! Things are starting to happen in the sports! It’s about friggin’ time.

DiNunz and Lydell had pretty laid back weekends while I spent my Friday evening with Eminem and Rihanna in Detroit. Also, I got five-yard chucked by some dude at the bar just for grabbing his girlfriends ass! The audacity of some people is staggering!

ESPN Has Alabama As 26 Point Underdogs At Home vs. West Virginia

espn alabama west virginia

The World Wide Leader doesn’t seem too high on Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide this year. The pre-season number 2 (without knowing who the starting quarterback is) is being given 26 points by the brain trust at ESPN.

One question.

Where the hell do I dump every single dollar I can find into a bet with this line?

Better yet, how about if I win, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith have to leave the network? They can stay in television, just nothing above QVC or the Home Shopping Network.

ESPN Hits A New Low, Reports On The Showering Habits Of Michael Sam

espn michael sam

When I first saw Katie Nolan tweet her displeasure with Josina Anderson’s reporting from St. Louis training camp, I thought it was a joke. There was no way that ESPN and Josina Anderson would report on the showering habits of Michael Sam would they? There is no way one of his teammates would make comments on it too, is there?