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Hump Day Hottie: Kimberley Garner

kimberley garner cover

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is Kimberley Garner from the UK. If it looks like she was made for the bikini, you got it partially right.

Not only was she built to wear a bikini 24/7, she also makes the bikinis! Talk about a smart and savvy business woman. I imagine you can save a boatload of money when running a bikini business like KimberleyLondon when you are also the model.

Below is a sampling of Kimberley’s Instagram. I highly suggest following her. You won’t be disappointed. Also, check her out on Twitter.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 084: Ray Rice, NFL Week 1, Big Ten Stinks, Ryan Leaf Got Five Years, Poetic Reading of Nelly & Urban Dictionary Trivia

podcast featured

Welcome to the 84th episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We tried our hardest to do it without swearing! It almost worked!

We finally got ourselves a full weekend of football and there is plenty to cover. However, the biggest news in the football world hit on Monday morning when TMZ released the video of Ray Rice assaulting his wife in the elevator.

We bounced around from topic to topic by pulling out of a hat. It keeps it fresh and we like it. So if you don’t like it, deal with it.

In other news, the Atlanta Hawks are a bunch of racists, according to Bruce Levenson and Danny Ferry and NFL bust Ryan Leaf got a five year prison sentence for violating his probation after breaking into a house in Montana. Great stuff, right?

Jennifer Lopez Smoking Hot As Teacher Who Seduces Teen in ‘The Boy Next Door’ Trailer

jennifer lopez boy next door

Jennifer Lopez is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming thriller “The Boy Next Door”. In the movie, she plays a high school teacher who has a one night stand with the — you guessed it — boy that moves in next door.

Instead of a relationship developing between the two, Lopez soon learns that this boy is actually a deranged stalker that she can’t shake.

Keith Olbermann: Roger Goodell Conducted ‘Kangaroo Court’, Demands Resignation

keith olbermann roger goodell

“We begin tonight with the unavoidable and simple truth that intentionally, or by neglect, the Atlantic County, NJ, District Attorney’s Office, the Baltimore Ravens, the National Football League, and Commissioner Roger Goodell have conducted a cover-up of Ray Rice’s assault on his then-fiancée on Feb. 15th”

And just like that, Keith Olbermann went off on one of his classic rants about current events. This one, however, went a step further than usual when he demanded that Roger Goodell should “leave or be expelled from his current position”.

Full Ray Rice Elevator Video Shows Wife Taking A Haymaker

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.35.28 AM

This makes Roger Goodell look like a real asshole.

TMZ obtained the full video of the elevator assault by Ray Rice on his then fiancé Janay Palmer and it is terrible. The video starts by showing the couple outside waiting for the elevator. They get on and Rice appears to take a swing at Palmer. When Palmer takes a few steps towards him to retaliate, she walks right into a hard left cross from the running back.

Jimmy Fallon Hands Out NFL Superlatives For Packers And Seahawks

russell wilson

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon handed out superlatives to members of the Packers and Seahawks since they were opening the NFL season on Thursday Night Football.

Our favorite superlatives were those for Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. Russell’s is above but I highly recommend watching the clip below for the other two.

Frank Caliendo Reads Allen Iverson’s Famous ‘Practice’ Rant As Morgan Freeman

frank caliendo allen iverson

Frank Caliendo gave us one hell of  treat when he read LeBron James’ “I’m Coming Home” letter as Morgan Freeman live on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN.

Today, he was back to visit the guys and he brought along his Morgan Freeman impression. This time, instead of LeBron James, Allen Iverson was his focus and he absolutely nailed it.