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Hump Day Hottie: Demi Rose Mawby


A while back, Demi Rose Mawby was “found” by The Chive. Since then, she has gone on to take the most selfie’s on the internet. Ever. Probably.

This 24 year old smoke pot was signed by Girl Management UK and I personally trust everything they do. According to, she is of Spanish, Polish and Irish descent. Which I’m guessing makes her a hell of a drinker with an anger problem but all with a sweet little accent.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 080: We Had To Do It Twice, DUI For Sleeping Behind The Wheel At 4PM In The Middle Of The Street, Football Is Back, Poetic Reading Of Nelly Lyrics & Urban Dictionary Trivia


Welcome to the 80th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast. Or, I guess I should say, episode 80.1. We had to record this episode twice because the first time was a complete disaster. DiNunz and I were going at it and Lydell was being a shitty mediator. But, since we love you all so much, we manned up and started over. You’re welcome.

WATCH: Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Red Band Trailer Holds Nothing Back

hot tub time machine 2

One of the more underrated movies in the last five years is Hot Tub Time Machine. The ensemble of Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and John Cusack was simply awesome.

Even without Cusack, the sequel looks to entertain and leave you with lines to repeat to your friends for years to come. Think “Great White Buffalo“.

Corey Kluber Has Perfect Game Bid Ruined By Sports Time Ohio


If you are a baseball fan then there are certain things you know to be true.

Like hot dogs always taste better at the ballpark and peanuts are a must at every game. Also, you know that you never, ever, under any circumstance mention a no-hitter or perfect game while in progress. You just don’t. The players won’t even talk to a pitcher who is bidding for one.

Frank Caliendo Narrates LeBron James’ Letter In Morgan Freeman’s Voice

frank caliendo mike and mike

Frank Caliendo was on Mike and Mike this morning and has gifted to us the best thing you will watch today. His Shawshank Redemption-like narration of LeBron James “Coming Home” letter is probably the best Morgan Freeman impersonation you will hear.


Hump Day Hottie: Jordan Carver

jordan carver 13

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is Jordan Carver and God bless this young woman because I am sure she tips over a lot.

Jordan is a glamour model from the UK who has been seen in the pages of one of our favorite publications, ZOO Magazine (NSFW-ish). Born in Germany with Italian decent, Jordan has been living the good old US of A for a little while now.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 079: DiNunz Hosts, Acro-naming, Things You Hate At Concerts, Is Cleveland Doomed, Fart Bottle Roulette & More Urban Dictionary Trivia

podcast featured

Welcome to episode 79 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! I came home to find DiNunz sitting on my back porch with a notepad taking notes for the podcast. Obviously, since Lydell and I hate to prepare, we handed the hosting reigns over to DiNunz. As usual, he delivered as only he can. We even dusted off the classic DiNunz intro.

We had a busy weekend. We came up with a nice, new bar game for all you degenerates to play and we are sure you will love it.