5 Things That Make A Man Attractive

Men often struggle with knowing how to actually appear attractive, and this is something of a travesty for men of a certain generation. The truth is that it is worth learning what can be done to improve one’s own attractiveness, even if it is only for your own sake. Nevermind what others might or might not think of you; as long as you have a good personal sense of your own attractiveness, it boosts your confidence daily and gives you much more of a chance of leading an exciting and happy life in a charismatic way. And if it improves others’ perceptions of you too, then that’s no bad thing. Let’s look at some of the top things that really help to make a man more attractive.

A Good Sense Of Style

As long as you have a strong sense of your own personal style, you can be sure that you will feel and look much more attractive. For men, it is much less about adhering to a particular beauty standard and much more a case of fully embodying the entirety of your own personal style. But to do that, you first need to work out what your style actually is, and there’s only really one good way to do that: through persistent trial and error. Go through online catalogs like his.boutique and see what you can find that would seem to suit you. If you like, you can ask a trusted friend to help you with this, and you might even benefit from asking a female friend in particular to give you a hand. In time, you can learn what your own style is – and therefore much more effectively work with it to look your very best at all times.


There is much talk of confidence, and it’s often true that those who talk about it the most are those most lacking in it. However, the most important thing to remember about confidence is that it is not just a quality which you either have or do not have. Instead, it should be viewed more as a learnable and practicable skill, and in that sense something which you can work on building as much as you like. The real secret to gaining confidence is to push your own boundaries and step outside of your perceived limits often. In doing so, you come to discover that you are capable of much more than you had initially thought, and when you do this enough it means that you develop a stronger and stronger sense of confidence over time. Remember too that confidence has nothing to do with having dominion over others, and everything to do with being happy in tandem with others’ happiness. Confidence built on others’ misery is not real confidence, but cruelty.

Strength Of Body & Mind

We all know that strength in a man is a trait which is to be admired, and one which definitely helps to make them appear more attractive. But it is important to get the balance right here. If you build up your muscles but are essentially lacking in any mental strength, this actually shows. People pick up on it immediately, and instead of appearing strong, you suffer the opposite fate. The trick is to develop strength of both body and mind in equal parts. The strength to lift heavy items is as important as the strength to survive a difficult psychological situation, so be sure to spend time and energy nurturing both if you want to appear attractive. Either in tandem with the other is what you really want to go for – and it will make you feel better in yourself, anyway.


One of the ironies of all this is that you need to display both strength and vulnerability to really be attractive to others. Forget what you have heard about men needing to not show any weakness; actually most people will respect you more if you proudly display that you are occasionally vulnerable to certain fates. Anything else is pretending that you don’t have a shadow side, and that is unlikely to really impress anyone. Embrace the vulnerable aspect of your own personality; in doing so, you will actually improve your strength as well, so it is definitely beneficial to do so.

Sense Of Humor

Everyone likes to laugh, and if you can make people laugh, you can be sure of appearing attractive to them. Having a sense of humour shows that you are fun to be around, and that you are quick-witted and intelligent. Don’t overlook this vital characteristic of the most attractive men.

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