And the Winner is…

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Kate Gosselin,
With 57% of the votes our Enemy of the Month is none other then Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus 8. Reason no one likes her? For starters she rocks a reverse mullet, she is party in the front and business in the back, this is a disgrace to mullets everywhere. That’s enough reason for me but she gets worse just ask her husband Jon, who Kate walks all over like her personal door mat. Kate recently pulled her kids from school for a TV show vacation in which Kate laid in the sun with her so called bodyguard, like she is Miss high and mighty now and needs a bodyguard, meanwhile her nanny runs around and watches her 8 kids. Not to mention when she was watching the kids there are pictures of her screaming at them. Nice. Kate is now being investigated for child labor violations, this is sad because it’s the kids that are paying the ultimate price. We used to like Kate and think of her as a Milf but now she has a dug herself her own grave. She is now Thunder Treats Enemy of The Month and that is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. Jon, we got your back…

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