Awesome Virtual Activities To Try Before You Die

How much time do you spend online? At least a few hours a day for sure. Browsing the web, sending your emails or checking your bank account. But what about having fun? A few favorite flash games, news timeline, and a traditional shooter are quite fine for a regular man. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that you do not use your technical abilities to the fullest. There are some awesome activities you should definitely try.

Online dating services

Everyone has those lonely days when there is a strong need to talk to anyone. A cat is a nice listener, but you won’t have quite an interesting conversation. Go and check one of these dating sites. Free registration will take you two or three minutes, and then charming girls will knock to your profile sending their private pics. Awesome chats guaranteed. Half an hour of an adult talk will raise self-esteem and boost your self-confidence. Try it once you are lonely again.

Online casinos

Virtual casinos attract more and more visitors every year. They have incredible competitive advantage over the real ones:
Anonymity – these platforms do not demand your credentials and do not trace your location. Your wins and losses are visible only to you.

  • Availability – you can play from any spot in the world via your PC or even a smartphone.
  • Reliability – you always know what you get. Check all the casinos for the highest rates and the biggest jackpot, trace the scammers and find your favorite games and virtual slot machines. All you need is to check the casino you would like to visit at
  • Control – your wins and losses are displayed right in front of you together with your bank account ratio. You can easily stop when seeing those figures descend much.
  • Variability – most casinos offer up to fifty different games in one place. You will never get bored.


Massively multiplayer online role-playing games gained incredible popularity. They offer a kind of a perpetual virtual world where you can create your own character (avatar), any from a human to a monster. The task is to interact with other players, complete some tasks to gain experience and acquire artefacts. If you decide to try one of these, be careful. These games are proven to cause addiction.

Online tests

Not those silly quizzes for glam girls, but the tests that were worked out for guys. You surely completed at least one to check your IQ. But there are thousands of cool, funny and serious test you would like to pass: ‘Am I a secret gay?’, ‘What is my ideal car?’, ‘What is the wages I deserve?’, ‘Am I a psychopath?’, ‘Does she like me?’ and so on. Some of them will surely make your day.

Family history research

Have you ever wondered how much Google knows about you? You should try out one of the popular services in defining the origin of your blood. Get a free family history and genealogy at one of the so-called family searches. Who knows, maybe you are royalty?

Internet memes

You have definitely seen those awesome ‘grumpy cat’ or ‘overly attached girlfriend’ pictures. You should try your skills in creating one as well. Pick up a nice or ridiculous image and put a sign on it. Maybe you can become a new internet star.

Have fun exploring the internet and do not forget to come back to the real world!

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