Be Honest, How Hard Are You Really Training?

You might think that you’re exercising as hard as you can, but the truth is that you’re probably not. That’s the view of an anonymous navy seal, who claims that when your mind is telling you “you’re done”, it’s lying. You’re really only 40% done. That’s a whole 60% you have left in the tank, and you’re wasting it by getting in the car and going home! Of course, working out 100% each time is harder said than done. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you exercise – whatever it is – for longer. Check them out below and prepare for a long time spent exercising!

Find Your Peak Time

There is no optimum time to do anything; only your own time optimum time. Are you exercising at your peak time? Some people are morning people, and they can get up and hit the 10-mile running trail with ease. Others aren’t morning people (and won’t be, no matter how hard they try); these people come to life in the evening. It can be difficult to know when this is, and with everything else to take care of in life you might have limited choice, but if you find your peak time, you’ll be able to go longer. Get thinking!

Eat and Drink Properly

What you eat and drink before and during your exercise is just as important as your motivation. If you want to push yourself to do 60% more, then you need to have the right foods and liquids inside you. Before you begin, have light meals that are high in carbs and protein. During your exercise, focus on drinks that’ll give your body a boost when it’s beginning to tire, such as Monster Energy. If you think you might need a food top up, then have a banana or yogurt based snack in your gym bag. If you like seafood, the health benefits of mackerel are outstanding too.

Recognize Your Motivation

Let’s be honest: training can be a little bit boring. If you only focus on the here and now then, well, you’ll quickly figure out that doing…anything else…will be more fun. When you’re getting into the groove, keep your long-term goals at the forefront of your mind. Thinking about that after exercise glow will only take you so far; think of the bigger picture, and you’ll find that extra dose of motivation.

Nail That “Zone”

This one is more relevant to the gym, where it’s easy to get sidetracked and a little bit bored. Instead of relying on the gym’s choice of music, take your own iPod along, with an awesome workout playlist ready to rock and roll. It’ll help you lose yourself in your world, to the point where you’ll forget that you’re actually putting your body through hell!

Mix Things Up

Finally, don’t forget to mix things up. If you’re building muscle, switch out the weights every now and again for an activity like climbing. You’ll be breaking up the routine, having fun, and won’t be losing sight of your overall goal.

Now, go out there and give 100%!

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