The Best Cars To Drive In 2018

A car needs to have a good driver in order for it to be safe, but there are some elements that will help you choose which car to drive this year.

According to Business Insider, Canadian vehicle sales hit the two million mark for the first time last year, and this is excellent news for the industry. Ford was the top-selling brand with the company having sold over 308,000 units. The second most popular make was General Motors, with the business selling close to 303,000 units.

2018 is expected to be an equally if not more profitable year for the car sector, and if you too are thinking of purchasing the car you have been thinking of for a while, this could be the year that takes you closer to your dream. Here are the best cars to drive in 2018.

Audi A6

It is believed that Audi’s newest car has been designed to lure buyers away from brands like BMW and Mercedes. The new Audi A6 will be around 100 kilograms lighter than the current version, and it’s also more energy efficient, with the model being equipped with electric turbocharging. Audi’s new design boss Marc Lichte is the person responsible for this beauty whose driving we expect you will enjoy immensely. If you would like to be behind this model’s wheel and get the right amount of coverage should anything go wrong, will help you keep worry at bay when in control of this sturdy piece of machinery.

BMW 3 Series

Estimated to reach the market in the last few months of 2018, a new model of the BMW 3 series has been in the works at the German plant. This car will still have the curves that its predecessor, BMW 5 Series, had but the technology on board this model will be closer to the one designed for the 7 Series. The BMW 3 Series will be lighter, however, and also more energy efficient, with three and four-cylinder petrol’s and diesels as well as the latest autonomous technology.  

Ford Focus

Said to be launching in Spring 2018, this is another Ford car that will change people’s perceptions of what a family car is. Both stylish and practical, the new Ford Focus will prove that an automobile doesn’t need to be ugly to serve a purpose. The new model has improved interiors and an elegant outside look to go with it. Its designer, the man behind the latest Ford Fiesta, has ensured passengers and their luggage have more space in this Focus, providing the car with a more contemporary feel and spacious nature.

Jaguar I-Pace

The brand is investing effort and money in capturing the attention of both SUV and electric motoring drivers. Its new model, the I-Pace, is proof of this fact. This is an extremely quick car that has two electric motors which work on all four wheels for improved traction. Its energy-efficient technology ensures that this model can be driven for more than 300 miles per charge. This is an extraordinary piece of machinery with the required space to fit both passengers and luggage comfortably.

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