Clearing Up Your Skin Has Never Been Easier

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Let me tell you something. You guys have it easy. Easier than ever to have great looking, smooth skin. When this generation of young adults was in their teens, we didn’t have all the fancy options you guys do now to treat the skin changes that undoubtedly come in the early teenage years.

Were these options available? Maybe. But the fact that the internet wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, it made them both hard to acquire and kept them relatively unknown. Unless they were displayed at eyeball height at the local pharmacy, we weren’t getting the treatments that are available to you today.


Maybe you’ve heard of Delacin-C, the capsule version of Delacin-T, that is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. Well, the topical version of this is used by many to treat acne as well. Makes send if you think about it. You can get Delacin-T to clear away bacteria on your face that may lead to break outs. Also, Delacin-T helps with spots. So, really, this can help will all blemishes that we face throughout our lives, not just during the teenage years.


I know you’ve seen the commercials. Everyone has seen the commercials. Before, the Proactiv Acne Treatment used to be a call-to-order item. And one that was incredibly hard to cancel as well. But now-a-days, you can find Proactiv in vending machines at malls and drug stores. Yep. Like a can of Pepsi, you can now just walk up and get your acne treatment. The best part is this actually works! It’s like a 3-step process, but if you trust the process, you’ll see great results!

Paula’s Choice CLEAR

Paula’s Choice CLEAR acne kit is something that resembles that of Proactiv. The reviews on this system are through the roof, with some actually preferring it to Proactiv. It is also  3-step process, but focuses not only on acne, but blemish prone skin as well. So, like the Delacin-T above, this can help multiple people who encounter multiple problems.

Those are only three options. There are literally millions thanks to the internet. Whatever you decide on, make sure you do your research! It’s your face! It really wouldn’t hurt to consult a dermatologist, even if it’s over the phone, to vet some of these treatments before beginning a new regiment.

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