Counseling Tips for Unhappy Guys – Try This!

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Isn’t it funny how no matter how hard we try, we are still falling prey to those stereotypical roles which society has labeled us with since the dawn of time. Girls are allowed to giggle and crack up whereas if a guy laughs a little too much, he’s looked at a bit oddly. The same holds true of depression and sadness. If a girl cries, it’s only natural, but if a guy cries, he’s a sissy. Yes, we are breaking away from those stereotypes, but they are with us nonetheless and it may be several generations down the road before those stereotypes are finally busted. So guys, if you are unhappy and looking for something to lighten your mood, try this. Here are some tips from experts in the field of counseling from accredited universities that will help you lift your spirits.

1. Feats Which Don’t Require Super Strength

Some men can bench press hundreds of pounds and others have trouble pushing away from the table. Does that make one more masculine than the other? No, it doesn’t! However, because of the social stigma of not being a jock, some men revel in feats which don’t require super amounts of physical strength. Some men are thrilled to win academic awards and top-of-the-field honors at their places of employment. Serious students of online counseling degrees often excel because they want to win at feats that require mental prowess rather than physical strength. If you aren’t an athlete, get top honors in school! It is a real mood booster to be top of the class, isn’t it?

2. Good Old Fashioned Bedroom Activities

There really isn’t a socially acceptable way to say that some men revel in sex, but that’s the reality of it. Sex can make even the most depressed male on earth walk away with a big old grin on his face so while you should be ‘picky’ in partners and practice safe sex, a little of those hormones stirring goes a very long way in boosting your mood.

3. Keeping Your Cool

Some men just live for a good fight. If anyone challenges them, they burst into activity to get in the first punch. However, as time goes on and graduates of masters in counseling programs do their work, more and more men are able to keep their cool. In fact, they are so proud of staying in control that you will see them strutting away from an ‘almost’ confrontation of the physical sort. Not only will you be proud of your accomplishment, but those in your life will be proud of you, too.

Yes, there is truth to some biological differences between men and women, but there is nothing wrong with a guy who is in a foul or bad mood looking for a little happiness where he can get it. Stereotypes are wrong, but there are differences that mean men will react differently to women and there is no denying that. The only advice would be choose your mood boosters carefully and go for those which won’t come back to bite you in the end. Find what works for you and when you are down, a little revelry never hurts, so put a smile on your face and get out and make life happen.

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