Do Something Different With Your Friends

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You know that point in a friendship when you seem to be going to the same places, doing the same things and talking about the same things? Yeah, it affects all of us at some point in our lives and it can be quite a difficult aspect of a friendship when one of you feels that you both need to do something new, something different, something much cooler than what you have been doing for a while. Heading to the same bar, the same restaurant or even heading over to each other’s places can tend to become tedious and monotonous and can lead to boredom and even frustration at not being able to reach out and experience new things. If this sounds like a situation you are in, or you have been in, then you will need to think carefully about how to bring this up with your friend in a mature and sensible way so that you do not hurt their feelings or so that they do not become offended.

If both of you appreciate music, then you could just go ahead and buy tickets for a gig of a band that you both like. If you feel you both could do with getting out of your local area, then do some research on gigs that are going on in areas which are close to you, but not directly in the area you live in. If both of you appreciate sports, you could head to a game of your choosing or you could even visit so that you can head to a game which you both have been looking forward to, and have spoken a lot about. If you both appreciate food and enjoy visiting different restaurants, then a good idea could be for you to take the time to look up restaurants which are not in your local area and which have good reputations, so that you and your friend can head there and chill out while enjoying some delicious food and experiencing new surroundings.

When you have been friends with someone for a while, it may be easier to bring this sort of problem up with them, rather than with a friend who you may not have known for a long period of time. If it is a newer friend that you feel this way with, then be tentative in your approach and think carefully about what sort of things you are going to say to them. Explain the situation and be relaxed in your approach. If you handle it in a way where you have all guns blazing, there is a chance that they may become offended and will break off the friendship.

It is important in life to experience new things, whatever your situation, and whoever you want to experience these new things with. Think carefully about what sort of activities you would like to do, and whether or not your friend will be interested in doing them. It could be very good for you both.

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