Donald Trump Tried To Nail Michael Phelps To A Cross

Few people can remember the dreams they have had. Usually as soon as you wake up, it’s gone. You may remember small portions of it, buy by and large, it’s usually gone. Sometimes you don’t even recall having a dream.

Then there are people like @DiNunz who can have a wild dream and remember every detail. This morning, as soon as he woke up, he treated us to the movie that took place during his slumber last night. Said movie has everything you could ask for. Michael Phelps, Donald Trump, fire, Bill Murray. It really begs the question; What is DiNunz eating before bed?









DiNunz offered up an explanation of how his dream came to be…

“Literally woke up, realized what happened, grabbed my phone and started typing. And I can trace it all back. I was tired as hell last night and Whit’s dad was watching the news about Trump. I went upstairs and watched some South Park and then looked at The Chive. Bill Murray t-shirts. Then fell asleep. I watched this Vlad the Impaler/The Real Dracula documentary a few days ago as well. It all got mashed together in one dream.”

Never stop dream journaling, DiNunz.

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