Don’t Make These Embarrassing Bridesmaid Errors

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Being a bridesmaid is an amazing honor. (Hence why we’ve dedicated a blog to it.) But people often forget that it’s not just an honor – it’s a task. It’s not as passive as people make it out to be. This means that it’s possible to make some pretty embarrassing errors. Here are the common ones that you need to avoid!

Agreeing to do it in the first place

This, of course, isn’t a mistake for most bridesmaids. But some only agree to be a bridesmaid because they were asked to do so – without actually being ready or prepared to sacrifice the time and money that being a brilliant bridesmaid entails! We have an article here about this very topic. Take the time to ensure you’re really ready to become a bridesmaid, because it’s more demanding than a lot of people expect!

Getting stressed

As a bridesmaid, part of your duty is to make sure the bride-to-be is supported throughout the process. However stressful this process is for you, it’s bound to be much more so for her! Try to keep a level head – yes, you may run into a bunch of problems, but it might be best if you don’t bother the bride with them too much. If there’s some bridesmaid drama, then try to ensure it’s resolved among the bridesmaids instead of trying to get the bride to be a mediator!

Not setting a budget

As implied earlier, agreeing to be a bridesmaid can end up being a pretty expensive decision. When it comes to the average cost of being a bridesmaid, estimates range from around $1000 to $1600. Ouch. It’s easy to see how so much money can be spent – you have dresses, shoes, travel, jewelry, and a host of other expenses to consider, after all – but that doesn’t mean spending an exorbitant amount can’t be avoided. The best thing you can do is agree on a budget from the off. Most bridesmaids end up spending so much precisely because they didn’t set a budget and don’t track their spending throughout the process.

Trying to outdo the bride

Big faux pas. Thankfully, it’s a pretty rare one, but sometimes bridesmaids do get a little ahead of themselves. While you may be accustomed to trying to outshine everyone in the room with your style, it’s not really an appropriate goal here. Besides, not only is it an inappropriate goal, it’s also a nigh-on impossible one. If the bride is rocking a Halfpenny London dress, a Verragio ring, and Badgley Mischka shoes, then you’re definitely not going to win. And trying is just going to cause your spending to skyrocket – which we’ve already warned you against.

Arriving hungover

Yes, it’s customary to have a pretty big party the night before a wedding. And yes, arriving hungover to things occasionally makes for pretty funny stories. But it’s best if you arrive as clear-headed (and un-sick) as possible. Keep it as safe as possible by really limiting your booze intake the night before – no matter how fun it may seem to do otherwise at the time.

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