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Take a moment to think about all the ways we are meant to organize ourselves nowadays.

Firstly, there’s the ever-useful pen and paper diary. Despite the advent of apps for organization, a huge amount of people still resort to scrawling down their “to do” list in a diary that they carry with them. We’ve even been encouraging to take keeping a diary to the next level, with the onset of keeping a diary online or the baffling bullet journal. We are then expected to keep track of the things we eat with a food diary and our heart rate and activity level thanks to fitness bands.

The general idea behind all of these innovations is that organization is a good thing. It’s so good, you will revolutionize your life and suddenly find acres of time to fill with nothing but pleasure-seeking activities. Organization – so some would have you believe – is the key to a happy life. Some will even so as far to say it’s the only way to a happy life.

Of course, this isn’t the case. For those who are predispositioned to being organized, sure, those are great methods of keeping track of everything – but not everyone is predispositioned to being organized. For some among us, the idea of relentlessly tracking and scheduling everything doesn’t sound like a passport to freedom: it sounds like work.

If that sounds familiar, that maybe it’s time to reassess. Virtually nothing on earth works well for everyone, with the possible exception of inhaling oxygen. Most of us tend to need a bit of tailoring when it comes to our needs. So with the world already lighting up with articles, blog posts, and ideas about how to organize your summer schedule – why not take this summer as a time to cut the restrictions off?

Free Your… TV Watching

There’s no longer a need to sit down and watch TV as it’s broadcast. With services like Netflix, catch up TV, and even the freedom to indulge in a free TV series download as and when you please, getting your TV viewing fix isn’t something you need to schedule.

Free Your… Necessary Appointments

Dentist. Doctor. Optician. All the other little aggravating but necessary appointments that you have to make as part of being an adult. Rather than letting them litter over your time haphazardly, why not give yourself one really horrible (but really useful) day and pack them all in at once? Tick them off and then you can forget about them for another six months.

Free Your… Exercise

There’s no doubt that going to a gym is a good idea, but it’s a little restrictive in terms of opening hours. If you can’t sleep one night this summer because it’s too hot, try and make sure you have a way to exercise some exhaustion into yourself from the comfort of your own home. A treadmill or even just a set of weights will take up the time in the evening and mean you don’t have to make your usual gym pilgrimage the next day. Perfect.

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