How to Embrace Baldness

It happens to everyone. We’ll be showering as usual. Be it in the morning or the afternoon after a stressful day at work. We notice hair falling out, but it’s not a huge deal. Humans lose a lot of hair during the day, it’s not going to be a problem. Right? Then it happens. You look into the mirror and something strikes you; you’ve lost a lot of hair! You might be in disbelief at first, but after comparing your mirror image to your selfies from a few years ago, you’re definitely lost a lot of hair.

But don’t panic! Balding isn’t the most pleasant thing to experience but it’s certainly something that can’t be changed effectively. There are not magic remedies or herbal treatments that will make your hair grow back, and unless you want to have surgery or experience some new-age treatment that could possibly help you or just waste your time, you’re going to need to embrace your balding head.

Cutting Your Hair Short

If you’re experiencing balding but don’t want people pointing fingers, the best way to deal with this is to have a short haircut or completely remove it and embrace your baldness early. Check out this link if you want to be aware of all the choices you have for clippers and care. The general rule of thumb is to cut your hair short even so that it hides the effect of balding. This way you won’t get people commenting on your head, and it gives them time to adjust to your new hairstyle. Long hair is going to make bald spots more obvious to the naked eye and raise concerns or questions about your appearance.

Grow Facial Hair

If you want people to look away from your head, then grow some facial hair. If you want to grow the beard of your dreams, you’ll have to start afresh and read up on some proper guides for the right help. Some important tips to remember are that you’re going to get an itchy phase, so you need to keep your hands away from your face at all times so that you don’t make the irritation worse. You’ll also need to plan the shape of your beard depending on the shape of your face. It’s a lot of work, but it will add to your manly appearance and give you a great new look!

Preventing Baldness Is a Waste of Time

You can try as many products as you want and you can do as many treatments as you can afford, but the fact is they are only temporary and many of these services use incredibly dangerous methods of preventing baldness. For instance, some drugs that are advertised to prevent baldness actually block the hormone involved in balding which inadvertently affects your mood. You will become anxious and experience mood swings as a nasty side effect. Again, these effects are temporary, so unless you want to spend far too much money on preventing your baldness, you may as well embrace it.

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