How to Spend a Business Weekend in London

Sometimes you’ll go on a business trip without being a provided with an itinerary for your entertainment, but this might be a relief to you. When your entertainment is booked for you, it can be either restricting or simply a series of events and activities that you don’t find interesting. We’re always told to try new things, but sometimes you know how boring it’s going to be in advance. It can be a lot of fun exploring a new city without anyone keeping an eye on you, and that’s particularly true of a city like London, where there’s always so much going on.

Go and See a Show

This might be the kind of event you’d expect to find on a pre-planned itinerary, but if you’re booking the show, then you’ll be able to choose something that will suit your tastes. London is famous for all kinds of shows, but you should look at everything that will be on for the dates of your trip. You can get in touch with your inner child by going to see the latest versions of Aladdin or The Lion King, which are both appropriate for adult audiences and highly rated. Or, if you want comedy, see The Book of Mormon, which is still running. There’s also Les Misérables, which has been immensely popular for years.

Try out the Tours

There are many tours which you could take to discover the many sides of London. You could take the Buckingham Palace Tour, and you’ll have some unforgettable experiences that will resonate with all of your friends and family who will surely ask you if you saw the queen while you were over in London. There are also many open-top tour buses which you can take for a guided tour around London’s most interesting features, as well tours at all of the famous locations like the Tower of London, where the Beefeaters are. Also, if you’re a fan, why not go on the Making of Harry Potter Tour to see all the locations you remember from the film? Wrap a house scarf around your neck and take a trip to Platform nine and three-quarters.

Explore the Bars

London is full of pubs, clubs and bars – from strip clubs to gay clubs – so whatever your interests are, there’s something for you to do. If there are a few of you going on the trip then you’ll need to research the best bars to plan your trip around, but if you’re on your own then London’s somewhere where it’s easy to make friends – especially on the evenings in the pubs. You could also arrange an Angels of London incall date if there’s only one kind of attraction that interests you.

Check out the South Bank

The South Bank is a popular location for all kind of tourists – that’s where you’ll find the London Eye, which every visitor should take a spin on, as well as the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays were performed. You’ll also walk past the London Aquarium, or if you’re more of an artistic type, then you’ll also be in the vicinity of the Tate Modern, a world-famous art gallery.

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