How to Step Out in Style No Matter What the Occasion

You have always been quite style conscious; you want to wear the right clothing and feel your best at all times. Admittedly, you don’t always know where to start when it comes to your style. There are so many different occasions to navigate, that is all becomes a bit of a blur in your head. Perhaps you’re trying to impress on a first date or you’ve got a day of sports planned with your best friend, there are many time that you’re going to have to make the right clothing choices. Here are some of the most common occasions that you might stumble upon at some point, along with some handy hints for dressing in the right way.

A Day on the Golf Course

There is nothing better than spending a day on the golf course with your best friend. Even if you aren’t experienced at this sport, you will want to look and dress the part. First of all, you need to find shoes that are suitable for a golfing green. Not only are they comfortable, but they will help you with your technique and they won’t damage the course. If you’re heading out on a particularly sunny day, it is very important to wear a sunhat and think carefully about other protective clothing too. You can’t go wrong with a smart casual polo shirt and some comfortable chinos when you’re spending the day playing golf.

A Wedding

When you’re a guest at a wedding it is very important to dress smartly and comfortably. Weddings are an all day affair, which means that you don’t want to dress in a tight, stuffy suit. Head to your local tailors and have one made to measure; spending a bit of extra money now will help you in the long run. This can be your go to wedding suit whenever you need it and you know it will be super comfortable. Choose a timeless color such as navy blue or grey; stock up on your supply of pastel shirts and matching ties and you will have wedding outfits for the next decade.

A First Date

Going on a first date can be one of the most nerve wracking moments ever; it puts even more pressure on you when you need to dress to impress. Try not to overthink things when it comes to dressing for your first date. You want your date to be impressed by the true you. If you step too far out of your comfort zone it will make you feel uneasy and you won’t be able to be yourself. Depending on the destination of your date, you will want to opt for a smart casual vibe. Even if you just wear a plaid shirt and jeans, you can dress it up with smarter shoes and a jacket if necessary. 

A Business Meeting

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’re working your way up the corporate ladder, you always need a go to business meeting outfit. This will instantly take the stress away from you so that you can focus on the actual job at hand. Make sure you wear a suit that makes you feel strong, confident and powerful. The way in which you dress every morning can have a significant impact on your mood, so it’s definitely worth taking this into consideration when you go suit shopping. You can’t go wrong with a dark grey or black pin stripe suit, teamed with a white collared shirt. Make sure you iron your shirt and don’t hang your suit awkwardly in your wardrobe so that it gets creased every time you put it away.

Meeting the Girlfriend’s Parents

This is even more nerve wracking than your first date probably. You want to make an instant first impression that doesn’t make them want to run away! When you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, it is important to stay true to yourself. If you try to dress like somebody different, your facade is soon going to be uncovered as the months and years go by. If you’re super serious about sticking with your girlfriend for the long run, you need to be honest with yourself. It is likely that they will be more focused on the conversation and your personality that the shirt you chose to wear. Be comfortable, choose your favorite outfit and ask your girlfriend for advice if you’re having any doubts.

A Fancy Dress Party

This is where you really get to show your true colors and have fun with your style. If there are no limits to the fancy dress party you’re attending, then why not go all out? Dress up as your favorite superhero, find the biggest and wackiest costume you can in the store or get creative and make your own? You will find so much inspiration online, so make sure you use this to your full advantage. If you’re heading to the party as a group or in a pair you might want to coordinate your outfits so that you all come as a team!

Game Night

A cool and casual game night at home calls for one thing; cool and casual clothes. This is the perfect excuse to pull out your best loungewear and enjoy an evening of being comfortable. Being cosy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. There are so many simple and stylish lounge suits that will work perfectly for this type of occasion. Look online for colors that will suit your skin tones, from light greys to deep burgundies, there are so many amazing shades out there for everybody.

Whether you’re going on a date or you’re heading to the golf course for the day, there are so many different ways to smarten up your style. As long as you feel comfortable and you’re dressing appropriately for the occasion, you really can’t go wrong with your choices!

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