Just Do It: It’s Time to Invest in That Home Gym You’ve Always Wanted

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It doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to get into shape if you don’t commit. It’s time to knock out procrastination and say hello to a new you. Stop fooling around and stuffing your face with unhealthy snacks and switch out those useless calories for something more filling like oatmeal. Get rid of those artificial sugars and swap them with deliciously fresh fruits.

But what’s that? You don’t have a nearby gym or you don’t like the atmosphere in a gym? Too daunting for you? Well, that’s completely understandable. In fact, most people are put off going to gyms for the exact same reason—you aren’t alone. They either dislike the idea of working out in front of a bunch of health nuts that’ll silently judge them, or they don’t like the monthly commitment required to join a gym.

If that’s the case, it’s time to open up that wallet and invest in the home gym of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a room dedicated to gym equipment (Who does? Unless you’re rich, of course) because there are hundreds of devices and contraptions that’ll give you a great workout no matter how much space you have. Failing that, there’s always the option to use household furniture or just your own body to work out.

Lifting Weights

Weightlifting is one of the most common exercises in a home gym. There are dozens of benches that you can buy, such as the ones reviewed at, but you can also invest in an adjustable dumbbell set. Many sets come with a variety of weights so you can fine tune the weights to your desired needs, and they might also come with extensions or barbells. If you’d prefer a smaller setup, you can get a cheaper weight bench without all the bells and whistles of a more expensive setup.


It’s always recommended to buy a pair of running shoes and get out to run instead, but sometimes we prefer the comfort of running at home away from the weather. In some cases, our local area might not be safe for running due to crime, uneven surfaces or heavy traffic. In that case, it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy treadmill with plenty of features. Some creature comforts include a tablet holder to provide you with entertainment as you run, a folding base so you can store it away and grips to hold onto if you’d prefer a low-impact workout. Just don’t invest in a treadmill if you’re living in a rickety apartment with angry neighbors.

Pull-Up Bar

This is one of the least expensive pieces of equipment that you could invest in. With a bit of practice, you’ll be doing countless pull-ups and all kinds of exercises with just a bar and a door frame. You can get door frames that extend and just slot into the door, but the better option is to get a pull-up bar that uses the entire door frame for support because they’re less likely to slip off and there is less risk of you injuring yourself.

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