Little Girl Mistakes Man In Wal-Mart For Santa, He Plays Along And Restores Faith In Humanity

A little girl in a West Virginia Wal-Mart happened upon THE Santa Claus last month and followed him around the store to get some face time with him. According to a post on Facebook by her father, Robert Riley, “She saw him then kept sneaking up on him.”

The man, Roger Larck, played along when Sophia finally confronted him. He got down on one knee and had an adorable conversation with the little girl, who will probably always believe in Santa from now on.

They chatted for a few minutes and Sophia promised to leave cookies for Santa and his reindeer.

I’m sure someone, somewhere is offended by this because 2015. However, you can be sure this is probably going to be the best thing you’ll see today, or perhaps, for quite some time.

So West Virginia and Wal-Mart both doing good, in the same article? It truly is a Christmas miracle.

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