Make The Most Of The Great Weather With These 3 Hobbies

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We’ve spoken about hobbies before on this blog, and we’re about to do it again. I think the great thing about hobbies is that you have different ones for different occasions. In a previous post, I listed some of my favorite hobbies for when you want some alone time. These are hobbies that are great to do on your own when you want to just get away from everything and everyone.

Today, I’m going to list my favorite summer hobbies. These hobbies are activities I think are perfect for making the most out of the hot sunny weather we get during this time of year. They’ll get you outside and ensure your summer doesn’t get wasted sitting indoor.

Without further ado, here’s my list:

Underwater Diving

Diving is such a great little hobby to have as it ticks so many boxes. It’s entertaining, it’s rewarding, it can be done alone, or with friends, it gets you outside, and it guarantees you’ll make the most of the hot weather.

I’m not talking about proper Olympic diving here when you jump into a pool and start throwing shapes and doing front flips. I’m also not talking about proper deep sea diving as that can be a bit intense. What I am talking about is getting a snorkel and diving in the sea just off the coast and having a look at what you can find. There are loads of fish and sea animals you will see, and it’s amazing to look underwater when it’s sunny as everything is clearer.

To make this hobby even better you can combine different activities with it. A lot of people choose to go scalloping when they dive and search for little scallops. Others go treasure hunting and see what they can find. Either way, adding activities makes this hobby so much fun when you’re in a group as you can all compete with one another. So, if you want to make the most of your time at the beach this summer, give diving a go.


If you’re looking for a hobby that will really make sure you enjoy your summer, then climbing is for you. I’ve kind of grouped all types of climbing into one massive hobby here as there are just too many things to do. You can go to outdoor rock climbing centers, you could actually attempt to climb rocks outside if you’re trained, or you can climb trees!

Regardless, climbing is very fun as it’s almost like you’re solving a puzzle while you’re also outside and getting fit. It’s all about figuring out how to climb whatever it is you’re climbing. Where does your foot go next? What’s the best place to put your hand? There are endless conundrums thrown at you that you’ve got to try and figure out to make it to the top.

What I also love about this hobby is that it’s something you can do all day without really thinking about it. You can find a tree or something you want to climb and spend ages figuring out the best way to do it, then spend even longer beating your time. You can bring friends along to and have competitions to see who’s the fastest climber.


Set aside all those stereotypes you have of surfers and take a look at this hobby objectively for a second. It’s definitely an activity that gets you outside and forces you to enjoy the summer weather. It’s something that gives you an excuse to go to the beach almost every day. Plus, it’s a hobby that keeps you fit and provides entertainment.

Most people think surfers are a bunch of tanned guys with long hair saying the word ‘rad’ all the time. These people are partially correct. However, surfing is brilliant as it provides that perfect balance of joy and difficulty. It takes some mastering, and that’s all part of the challenge.

You can set out on your surfboard at every chance you get and give yourself a target to become a better surfer by the end of the summer. Start by lying down on your stomach, then crouching, then actually standing up surfing properly. It’s this progression that makes the hobby so great as you’ll never get bored.

There you have it, my top three hobbies to get you outside this summer. All three are designed to force you out of the house and enjoying the great weather. After all, we may as well make the most of it while it’s here!

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