Monday Morning 12 Pack: Suck it Duke

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mm12p2Good moonin’ Thunder Nation!  I got some good stuff in this edition of the Monday Morning 12 Pack. We have Duke sucking it up at home against the Heels as well as some news from the NFL.  I would have had this up sooner but I spent most of yesterday talking myself out of puking.  Gotta love Crown shots.

As always, except for one time she didn’t pull her own weight and made me do the entire 12 pack, half of the 12 pack will be found below with the other half over at  After checking out my choices for our 6 banger, go ahead and check out Blythe’s.  She never disappoints.

Almost a month ago, Austin Rivers tore out the hearts of North Carolina…
On Saturday night at Cameron Indoor, it was the Heels turn.  Kendall Marshall threw in a double-double as the Tar Heels pounded Duke on their home floor.  The never trailed in a 88-70 romping.

AJ Hawk has flowing hair like Goldilocks…
But he has chopped it all off and for a great cause.  Hawks Locks for Kids is where the mammoth linebacker donated his hair.  He and his wife have partnered with Wigs for Kids to help make wigs for children who have lost their hair after going through chemotherapy.

There were all kinds of bonuses for playing for the Saints…
Especially if you could knock out an opposing player.  Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, GM Mickey Loomis and 22 of the 27 defensive players from 2009-2011 have been implicated in the “pay for performance” scandal.  Coach Sean Payton is catching harsh criticism as well.  Even though Payton has not been named as involved, it is believed he knew what was going on but didn’t do anything to stop it….I remember another coach who got fired for that…Just sayin’.

When I was in high school, the basketball games were all low scoring…
But in Minnesota, they are a wild, point filled ride apparently. Anders Broman (awesome last name) scored 71 POINTS on Saturday night and his team still LOST.  I don’t know how a high school basketball game can even get to a 114-110 score but I am assuming they don’t think that highly of defense in Minny.

Did you watch Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live…
I did.  The opening monologue was funny but it was really down hill from there.  Apparently a lot of people wanted to see her crash and burn because she had one of the highest rated shows of the season.  She came in #2 just behind Charles Barkley.  She beat out Jimmy Fallon, Melissa McCarthy, Katy Perry and Emma Stone.

Snooki is preggers and her ex-boyfriend hopes she miscarries…
These people need dropped in the middle of the ocean like at the end of Transformers.  Not one of them is interesting or intelligent.  This morons comments on Snookie being pregnant just proves my point further.

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