Morning Coffee: Ashley Hayman, Ronda Rousey Wins, Jennifer Lawrence Wins, 50 Cent Crushin’ on Erin Andrews & is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

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Australian model Ashley Hayman // The Oscars were last night, here is host Seth MacFarlane’s intro // His Chris Brown & Rihanna joke didn’t go over that well, but I loved it // Jennifer Lawrence won for best actress but tripped on her way up the steps, still hot // Rumors started swirling that Jen Aniston may be pregnant simply because her boyfriend touched her stomach // Kim Kardashian’s ass has gotten bigger, yes it is possible // The Daytona 500 was yesterday, 50 Cent tried getting fresh with our girl Erin Andrews // James Franco changed up the most famous words in NASCAR // Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon doing “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” // Yankees woes continue now that Curtis Granderson is out until May // Fist fight in the infield during a College baseball game // Ronda Rousey won her first UFC fight, almost lost though // Crazy asshole in NYC attacks his wife with a meat cleaver // A suspect has been named in the Las Vegas Strip shooting // Britney Spears still got it //

Seth MacFarlane’s opening number was “We Saw Your Boobs” via Bobs Blitz


Sick field goal trick shot


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