Morning Coffee: Jordan Carver, Jodie Foster May Have Came Out Last Night & Brandon Spikes Has Some Moves

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If you don’t know Jordan Carver then shame on you … Tim Tebow’s brother is a giant douche bag … Miss Iowa got the stoner vote locked down for Miss America … Peyton Manning stayed over an hour and half after the Broncos defeat to the Ravens just to congratulate Ray Lewis … Things are so bad for the Lakers that Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler won’t even stay for a whole gameBen Affleck and “Argo” cleaned up at the Golden Globes … Jodie Foster had an interesting speech, perhaps came out of the closet … A teen survived getting shot with a nail gun in the heart … The Royal nugget is due in July … Michigan, the last undefeated D1 basketball team, fell to Ohio State this weekend … While everyone was in a scrum for the ball, Brandon Spikes was doing his best Michael Jackson

Check out this baby rockin’ on NYE when he crashes his dad’s concert via Hot Clicks


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