Morning Coffee: Maria Menounos, Brent Musburger Spits More Game & Stuart Scott has Cancer Again

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maria-menounosEnjoy Maria Menounos doing a bit of yoga … Our favorite ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott, is battling cancer again … Two puppies were the cause for stoppage in this soccer game …  Apparently Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah that he doped, episode airs Thursday … The NRA has got some serious balls … 30 years later, tons of new technology, and we still don’t know what happened to Natalie WoodFacebook will have an event today

, if history is any indication the announcement will probably suck … George W. Bush’s nephew has raised $1.3M for his future run at office in Texas … There is a show called Sin City Rules, like a Real Housewives show, and one star rubs sperm on her face … President Obama will deliver his plan of action on gun laws this week … The Brazilian bikini wax is sending STD crabs into extinction … Brent Musburger said that Holly Rowe was “smoking tonight” during a broadcast last night …

Stupid Marriott in Baltimore has a laser light show for Ray Lewis via Bobs Blitz


Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy’s new Nike Golf commerical via Guys Girl