Morning Coffee: Olivia Munn, Man Suing Subway Over Short Footlong Subs & Colin Kaepernick’s Biological Mother Wants to Meet Him

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oliviamunnOlivia Munn in a bikini … Duke got destroyed by Miami last night … Tiger Woods is now going after Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn … The Great One’s house is for sale, $15 million is a steal … Lame people trying to sue Lance Armstrong for a book refund … Lamest person trying to sue Subway short foot long subs After much debate, Tom Brady got a $10,000 fine for his slide … Manti Te’o hugging his girlfriend … Colin Kaepernick’s biological mother wants to meet him, claims it has nothing to do with new found fame … LA are school teacher has been a predator for 35 years … The Biebs and a nursing student, weed and Xanax … Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding, is in for a Saved by the Bell reunion (duh?) … Awesome resumes of people who applied for the Wisconsin head coaching job“I like my meatballs spicy!!” …

17 months old and way better at golf than I am…