Morning Coffee: Rashida Jones, Brian Hartline Works at a Drive Thru, Jim Crane is a Mega Douche & Texts Messages Revealed in Steubenville Rape Case

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Rashida Jones is a smoke show // Got some disposable income, check out this Jordan shoe signed by the 96-97 Bulls // Alabama fans need to get a life // If I were an Astros fan I would be protesting until new ownership took over // Is this the end for the Tuck Rule? // Cereal based on your sex // This is why Derrick Rose is one of the most popular players in the NBA today // Holy old violin from the Titanic // Lil Wayne hospitalized after suffering a seizure // This just in…Nicki Minaj is a huge, huge bitch // This is one of the many, many reasons you should not cheat on your wifey // The hard to read, awful text messages exchanged the day after the alledged rape occured in Steubenville // LeBron James is still throwing down some nasty pre game dunks // Brian Hartline just signed a fat $31 million deal with the Dolphins and still works at a drive thru // Ever get a note like this in your lunch from your girlfriend // Ted DiBiase doesn’t speak to Virgil anymore, shocking //

Sexy Back by The Ragtime Guys


Worst way to wake up ever


Dude Perfect: Wide Receiver Edition


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