Morning Coffee: Terry Richardson and Miranda Kerr, A Heisman Breakdown & the Top 10 Plays of the College Football Season

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Ultimate creepster/photog Terry Richardson had Miranda Kerr in his crosshairs … A Freaks and Geeks oral history from the cast with reunion pictures … In case you need informed on who the Heisman candidates are … Poor John Madden just couldn’t keep his eyes open at the Broncos/Raiders game … The top 10 plays from this college football season … Brian Schmidt, an Ohio high school senior with Down Syndrome, scored in his game … Bernie Kosar was shitfaced on the radio …
Tennessee Vols finally lands themselves a coach …
Are the Yankees pursuing Josh Hamilton? If so, I quit baseball …
This Cal Berkley sex columnist boned all over campus.  I mean all. over. campus …
Only logical way to get a Latina girlfriend? Put it on a billboard
Jay-Z “Where I’m From” documentary
[youtube id = GBvyEGQeHnk]
Dude catches a 178 MPH golf ball…in a Mercedes – Via College Poison
[youtube id = VgKMGwfo5sg]
Playmates playing never have I ever, spin the bottle and Twister. This is not reality – Via Bobs Blitz
 [youtube id = vIJhncEIJqA]

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