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I admit that I was one of those people that rolled their eyes at people that were using vaporizers. Not so much if they used them outside, but when they were sitting at a bar or in a restaurant and were vaping away. I get that it’s not cigarette smoke, but it still just seemed rude and a bit pretentious.

That was until a good friend explained to me that, after years of smoking at least a pack a day of Newport Lights, he had started to vape. My friend explained to me that he had gradually been working his way off the nicotine and he was at only 2%.

That kind of floored me. This person was a human chimney for the last 10-12 years and now he was telling me that he was 2% away from sucking nothing but vapor.

So while I still don’t get the people that continue to vape indoors, I understand why they are vaping in the first place. I’m all for friends living longer and if this helps them kick their habit, then so be it.

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