Ohio Being Ohio Works Out For Once During Failed Robbery Attempt

A robbery in Findlay, Ohio went sideways last month when the employees decided to act like they were from Ohio and not take any of that bullshit.

Seriously, though.

29-year-old Jeremy Sherbrook gave it the old college try when he tried to rob a Marathon gas station. Things seemed to be going swimmingly until an employee came around the side of the counter with a mop. While Sherbrook appeared to get a few good licks in on the employee, he was ultimately outmatched. Especially when a customer went Roman Reigns on Sherbrook and delivered a devastating spear into the candy bars.

The police confirmed that this was the surveillance video from the store (duh?) but will not be releasing any more information. The brave employees and customer held Sherbrook until the police arrived.

You’re up, Florida.

[13ABC Action News via Uproxx]

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