Rain Delays Can be Fun…Who Knew?

By Dan DiLoreto | May 27, 2009

[youtube=] The Uconn and USF baseball teams made the most of the 4 hour rain delay from their game. With the help from the press box dj, these two teams put on a show that was sure to please. I tell you I wouldn’t be as pissed about the rain if I saw this happen.

Hard Hittin Radio

By Dan DiLoreto | May 12, 2009

Recently I came in contact with former NFL player Mark McMillian and was introduced to his sports radio website called Hard Hittin Radio. Former NFL players Mark McMillian and Byron Evans, along with sidekick Jo Sky host the radio show that broadcasts from the link below. Check out the interviews with current and former NFL…

Thunder Treats HOTegories

By Dan DiLoreto | May 8, 2009

After extensive research and much studying, I have come up with what I can only describe as five types of hot. Women, for as long as anyone can remember, have been referred to as “hot” as a way of describing their beauty. I started to think about different women who I believe to be hot…

Can LeBron be Heir to the Air?

By Dan DiLoreto | May 6, 2009

The first time I picked up a basketball I was hooked. I love this game more then I can describe, even though I was featured in SI for football and not basketball. I feel blessed that as a child I was able to watch the greatest player to ever play the game. I remember my…

And the Winner Is…

By Dan DiLoreto | April 28, 2009

Technically, I should not be awarding a winner to this week’s poll. Mainly because there is no wrong answer and because I wouldn’t want to tell any one of the other three maniacs that they have lost. However, Thunder Nation has spoken and they have decided on Damon a.k.a Terry Crews from Friday after Next,…

Respect C-Town

By Dan DiLoreto | April 21, 2009

[youtube=] After a long absence I have returned after serving my 4 game suspension for violating Thunder Treats substance abuse policy. Just kidding, I became a functioning member of our society (bummer right?). Since Jeb has given you everything you need to know about round 1 of the NBA playoffs I won’t waste your time…

One Shining Cougar…

By Dan DiLoreto | April 7, 2009

It has been a wild three week ride that I am sure no one wants to end, but as the saying goes “all good things must come to an end.” With that being said, we here at Thunder Treats would like eveyone to join us in congratulating Mary Louise Parker on her biggest win of…

Cougar Madness Finals…and San Diego

By Dan DiLoreto | April 6, 2009

After an exciting Saturday of games we have our very own championship to look forward to. Diane Lane continued her streak by knocking off #1 seed Jenifer Aniston by a substantial amount of votes. Mary Louise Parker also continued to dominate the dance by taking down crowd favorite Halle Berry. There are now no more…

Cougar Madness: FANTASY FOUR

By Dan DiLoreto | April 3, 2009

Well, after a couple of stunning victories and a few steam rollin’s, we have the Cougar Madness Fantasy Four. Now, some of you may think that this is unfair or that some of these women don’t deserve to be in the Fantasy Four. For those of you who think that, go away. We have two…

Cougar Madness: Erotic Eight

By Dan DiLoreto | April 1, 2009

It has been a long time coming, but without further ado, Thunder Treats presents the Cougar Madness Erotic Eight! For the first time this tournament, we turned to the voters to make some of our decisions and I must say that I was very pleased with the results. It has been a tough battle so…


By Dan DiLoreto | March 25, 2009

Well here it is. The much anticipated Thunder Treats Sexy 16 is finally here! After what I can only consider “constructive criticism” from our readers, we have come up with a very competitive field for the final stretch of our tourney. Thank you to everyone who visited and thanks to all the commentors for their…

Week 1 Cougar Madness South Winners

By Dan DiLoreto | March 24, 2009

Jennifer Aniston (#1 Seed) over Meredith Vieria (#16)Amy Brenneman (#8) over Khandi Alexander (#9)Famke Janssen (#12) with the upset special over Daisy Fuentes (#5)Selma Hayek (#4) over Madonna (#13)Monica Belluci (#6) over Christi Miller (#11)Faith Hill (#3) over Rachel Ray (#14)Sela Ward (#10) upsets fan favorite Gina Gershon (#7)Yasmine Bleeth (#2) over Mariah Carey (#15)

Week 1 Cougar Madness East Winners

By Dan DiLoreto | March 24, 2009

Kristen Chenoworth (#1 Seed) over Perrey Reeves (#16)Teri Hatcher (#8) over Vanessa Williams (#9)Sandra Bullock (#5) over Liz Hurley (#12)Carla Gugino (#4) ove Katy Segal (#13)Debbe Dunning (#6) over Lauren Graham (#11)Connie Britton (#3) over Christie Brinkley (#14)Diane Lane (#10) over Tia Leoni (#7)Demi Moore (#2) over Marg Helenburger (#15)

Week 1 Cougar Madness West Winners

By Dan DiLoreto | March 24, 2009

Halle Berry (#1 Seed) over Katie Couric (#16)Sofia Milos (#9) over Annabella Sciorra (#8)Michael Michelle (#5) over Cindy Crawford (#12)Kate Walsh (#4) over Stacey Dash (#13)Shania Twain (#6) over Sheryl Crow (#11)Courtney Cox (#3) over Julia Louis Dreyfus (#14)Mariska Hargitay (#10) over Kim Catrell (#7)Jane Seymour (#2) over Julianne Moore (#15)

Week 1 Cougar Madness Midwest Winners

By Dan DiLoreto | March 24, 2009

Lucy Liu (#1 Seed) over Janet Jackson(#16)Kathy Ireland (#9) over Tia Carerra (#9)Mary Louise Parker (#4) over Vanna White (#13)Shannon Tweed (#5) over Marisa Tomei (#12)Michelle Pfieffer (#11) with an upset special over Martina McBride (#6)Elle McPherson(#3) over Nicole Sheridan (#14)Pamela Anderson (#7) over Julia Roberts (#10)Bridget Moynahan (#2) over Lisa Rinna (#15)