Snake-isms (Where the hell does he come up with these phrases)

By Dan DiLoreto | January 19, 2009

Answers: Columus Edition 1.F, 2.E, 3.B, 4.G, 5.C, 6.D, 7.A. San Diego Edition 1.E, 2.A, 3.F, 4.G, 5.B, 6.D, 7.C.

NHL 93

By Dan DiLoreto | January 17, 2009

Who could forget NHL93 for Sega Genesis???  With the temperatures in San Diego dropping to an icy 55 in December I found myself spending more time indoors and less on the beach. Something drastic needed to happen and I knew just what we needed…. SEGA GENESIS I called Linda to see if she was able to…

No Class.

By Dan DiLoreto | January 17, 2009

Pete Carroll never surprises me.  There are a few things to expect during the every USC football season.  They will roll over their opponents by anywhere from 40 to 50 points, they will leave their first string in longer than anyone ever should and they will usually have one let down game.  I never really…

New Years

By Dan DiLoreto | December 31, 2008

I will make this short, as this is my first blog and i don’t really know what the fuck i’m doing. Anyway, New Years Eve. I got pretty nasty last year on New Years. I’m going to drink my face off this year, maybe even someone elses face! New Years is a time to be…


By Dan DiLoreto | December 31, 2008

DING DING DING.  Even though Billy Mays falls near the bottom of my infamous hate list, I still have to say that he has been especially annoying as of late.  First it was Oxyclean commercials driving me insane, then it was those plug in light switches.  The name of those plug in light switches escapes me at…

i blame the bartender.

By Dan DiLoreto | December 20, 2008

Wow.  I should actually be in the shower right now, but I see this post as slightly more important.  I had a flight to Ohio today at 9:15.  Then it was changed to 11:15.  And now it is scheduled for 2:45.  Normally I would go into a rage full of swearing, but this time I…