Relax In Luxury In The Comfort Of Your Home

Everyone has that time in the week where you can’t relax, your mind is buzzing with thoughts and feelings, you can’t breathe as easily as you’d like and you just need a way to wind down. That might be sitting in front of the TV with a takeaway pizza for you, but sometimes you need a little more indulgence so here’s a list of the best luxury ways you can relax if you want to do it in style:

Steam Spa

It’s a great gadget to get and will help you to experience total relaxation. You can install a steam spa in your shower, to give you a spa-like treatment to make you feel your best. Try the Steamist Total Sense Spa which has four modes to help you to achieve relaxation, and each stage of the system has benefits for your health.

Transformational Furniture

Ever heard of SPYNDI Transformation Furniture? Not only does it look awesome but it is a human spine inspired innovation, and unlike any other furniture, it transforms into different shapes or whatever structures you have in mind. There is an infinity of combinations you could have for the furniture, and with a set of over 70 pieces, you can attach the pieces become whatever structure you want. SPYNDI was inspired by the human spine to be both flexible and robust, so it will be a perfect place for you to relax.

Smart Bed

Imagine the sleep you would have in a totally customized night with the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed? An intelligent bed not only conforms to your shape but also to your lifestyle so relaxing could not be easier. The Sleep Number 360 works for couples too as you can each select your own sleep comfort levels. You’ll feel relaxed in luxury on one of these.

Relax In a Clean Home

You can find maid services pretty much anywhere these days. Here’s one maid service NYC has that says it’s the #1 maid service in the area. And that’s a big area! Simple searches online will help you find a maid service for your area that will have you relaxing in a clean home in no time.

Invest In The Best Chair

Where you sit and how you sit will make all the difference to how you relax. Putting your feet up in your favorite chair and enjoying a glass of your favorite tipple as well as smoking one of your favorite Avo Cigars can serve as a guilty pleasure at the end of a long day. Having space on a Double Wide Chaise will help you to enjoy sitting, relaxing and probably mean you can have a peaceful nap too.  

LED Ceiling Mounted Shower

Coming home from a long day and taking a bath is always relaxing but you can take your bathing experience to an unexplored level of excellence with the LED Ceiling Mounted Shower. It doesn’t require any external power source as it is a hydro-powered self-generating LED lighting system. The shower comes with an 11” spray face and is a single spray showerhead.


No need to go to a spa, you can make the most of your senses, by turning your home into a relaxing sanctuary with a scented candle or some relaxing essential oils. Some good essential oils for relaxation include chamomile, lavender, neroli, bergamot, and ylang-ylang. Use these oils to aid relaxation by adding a couple of drops to a bath, burning in an oil burner, or adding (sparingly) to water to use as a room spray or skin spritzer. Inhaling these essential oils triggers your sense of smell, which releases hormones by stimulating your limbic system which the area of the brain which is known to control your mood and emotions.

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