Road Trip to These 5 Places to See The Leaves Change This Fall

It’s almost mid-November and the time is perfect to see the absolute beauty of the leaves changing colors before winter rolls in and chills everyone to their core. The amber, green, gold, orange and brown colors paint a picture that is unmistakably breathtaking every time you take it in.

While your backyard and street may give you a taste of this splendor, taking a road trip to these places to see the leaves change will definitely put this epic feat of nature into perspective.

Living in Northeastern Ohio, we’d like to head east and find RV dealers in PA that could hook us up with a ride. From there, we can enjoy the massive Appalachian Mountains while en route to any one of these destinations.


The Berkshires is about three hours from Boston and boasts some of the prettiest scenes that fall has to offer. They also have more than just leaves! Quaint shops and boutiques make for The Berkshires to be a perfect location for a weekend getaway.


Bar Harbor, Maine looks like a Bob Ross painting. There are happy trees on happy hills, next to happy lakes with happy currents. The back drop of the mountains completes the whole picture. With the Acadia National Park close, you’ll really have a lot of options on your road trip.


If a place is nicknamed The Green Mountain state, odds are those green mountains are going to give you a beautiful sight come Autumn. Take your RV and hop on Green Mountain Byway and follow Route 100 north for the most beautiful views this country has to offer. Also, if you’re hungry, you can always stop by Ben & Jerry’s for a scoop or two!


Maybe you’re not able to make it up to the Atlantic Northeast and need something a little more Midwest. Tennessee is a great option as the Great Smokey Mountains offer foliage that is comparable to their neighbors of the north east. Make sure to plan ahead though, as the Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited National Park in America.


The Ozark National Forest consists over 1.2 million acres. That is a lot of acres and a lot of foliage. The park also offers great hiking experiences as well as accommodations for golf and other outdoor sports and recreation. An additional bonus is the weather south of the Mason-Dixon line tends to be more forgiven through the fall and winter months.

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