Roll Up, Roll Up: The Fitness Circus

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Chances are that you have grown out of the circus as an adult. How long has it been since you set foot inside a big tent – and no, Cirque du Soleil doesn’t count?

For most of us, the circus is something we enjoy as a child and then promptly forget about from our adult lives. It’s a remnant of the past, only to be revisited when the time comes to introduce our own children to the same spectacle.

So how does this memory of past enjoyment tally with a desire to be as healthy and fit as we can possibly be? It seems that there are some things we shouldn’t have left behind in childhood after all…

Riding A Unicycle

The beloved tool of the clown, a unicycle seems almost impossible, as if it defies the laws of physics… and to an extent, it does. That means to stay aboard, you’d not only have to be in constant motion with a pedaling action identical to riding a bike, but also flexing those core muscles to keep your balance. It’s a workout in and of itself.

You can pick up a cheap unicycle secondhand and see if you like it. Clown makeup optional.


What use can juggling be to fitness? Let’s put it another way:

A fitness activity that requires you to be in constant motion, especially with your arms. It allows you to practice good hand-eye coordination. You can be throwing and catching items of a good weight, meaning both your arm muscles and your core are getting a workout.

If you can’t see how juggling could help you in an exercise regime, then maybe just try it for a sustained period of time. Even if you don’t like it, at least you’ve got a new party trick.

Throwing Knives

If you’re looking for cardio, then knife throwing is well worth considering. Not only is there, once again, a repetitive action, but there’s also the mental workout of figuring how best to throw in a concentrated way. It’s a burst of impactful energy; any good throw is akin to throwing a javelin, requiring accuracy, muscle strength, and balance.

The likes of TBOTECH can get you started if you’re intrigued – just don’t try and get anyone else involved in your new hobby. This is definitely one to keep to yourself (and you probably won’t have any argument otherwise from your friends and family).


The gymnastics of a circus are often secondary, but as the famous touring Cirque Du Soleil show, they can take center stage. This might sound daunting if you haven’t done anything close to resembling gymnastics since high school. However, if you have been practicing yoga or pilates, then chances are your body is already prepared for the next level.

Ideally, only practice gymnastics at a suitable training site that has plenty of “soft fall” areas for your inevitable learning curve. If you do want something you can do in your backyard or beach, there’s plenty of help online to get you started. At least it’ll make a change from playing football or running to nowhere on a treadmill.

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