Scorching Summer Style Advice for Men

Now that summer is pretty much upon us, many men are turning their minds towards holidays and getting outside in the warmer weather. And while you are outside, there is no doubt that you will want to look your very best. This covers everything from the clothes you wear to the grooming regime you decide to take up. So, if you are planning to freshen up your look for summer 2017, here are just a few ways that you can do this.

Keep Your Body Hair in Check

Since so much of your time will be spent outdoors, you certainly want to avoid looking like Bigfoot while you are striding down the beach! While some body hair may just need to be groomed, there is also probably some that is ready to be removed altogether – your back is probably the prime candidate for this treatment! You want to avoid any unruly hairs from creeping up above your t-shirt line if possible!

Choose an Accessory

Let’s face it; men’s summer fashion tends to be made up of your fairly regulation shorts and t-shirt on a daily basis. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to choose an accessory that is both versatile and looks great. A vintage backpack is a good choice or a hat is another option that has the added practical value of protecting your face and neck from the sun. Sunglasses are a given, but there are a whole range of styles out there so you could go for one that is a little more unconventional.

Select Brighter Colors

A lot of men are fairly rigid in their preference for monochrome colors, but if there is a time of year to be a little bit bolder, it is certainly the summer. The other problem is that darker colors look quite jarring under the sun, so why not go for blues, reds, yellows and greens instead? In the evening time, a pair of chinos are a lot more practical in the warmer weather than your usual pair of blue jeans.

Protect Your Skin

You may not think that protecting your skin should come under the category of style advice, but the truth is that sun damage is one of the biggest factors in speeding up the signs of ageing. Looking older is definitely not on many people’s priority lists! Not only this, but there are also more serious skin health risks. So, you should look for a lightweight moisturiser with an SPF built in – you are ideally looking for 30 or higher.

Hair and Face Grooming

Since we have already established that it is very difficult to make yourself stand out when it comes to summer clothing, your best bet is to concentrate your efforts on your hair and facial grooming. You should be looking to get a haircut around once every three weeks to keep it looking neat and stylish. Also, it has probably been hard to avoid the growing trend that has happened in the last few years for men growing facial hair. If you are looking to grow one for the first time or are just looking at new ways to maintain what you have, it is worth looking at beard care | for more advice and products. Keeping your head well groomed is the best way that you are going to set yourself apart from the usual beach crowd.

Wear a Lightweight Blazer

If you are looking at ways in which you can look a little smarter during the summer months while still not overheating, a lightweight blazer is probably your best option. It gives you a versatile option while you are out during the evening while still not giving off the overly formal look of wearing a full suit. So, choose a lighter material like linen and you can both stay and look cool during the warm, summer evenings!

Avoid Wearing Flip-Flops Everywhere

Though you may be tempted to make flip-flops your staple shoe during the summer, this is definitely something that should be avoided. While you are on the beach or the pool, they are a great option, but the problems start arising if you walk any great distances while wearing them. You are subjecting your feet to all kinds of damage and you could end up with some nasty conditions. So, do your feet a favor by opting for boat shoes, desert boots, sandals or sneakers instead.     

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