The Coolest Features of Working in Information Technology

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The information technology sector has a bit of an image problem. Sitcoms and comedies have ridiculed the types of employee in this industry for years. However, there are plenty of brilliant aspects of working in information technology, and some of it is also pretty cool, too. It’s an industry that casts such a wide net, it’d be a shame not to appreciate some of its fun aspects.

Software and program creation

Learning how to code and create software is a skill set that could see you creating a ground-breaking piece of technology. Learning how to create an app from scratch, or create an online tool for a bespoke industry is a very unique claim to fame. It’s been said that learning how to create a program helps you understand data and problems from a much bigger picture. Knowing how to code and create software forces you to use logic to create something useful.

Learning how to program also involves learning an entirely different language – and it is a language. In fact, it’s such a unique language that countries that don’t use Latin script have been forced to create their own unique set of coding. For example, in the Middle East, for the first time people are learning how to write programming language in Arabic.

A diverse industry

Training in Information Technology doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll spend your weeks locked in an office answering IT support questions. Being educated and skilled in Information Technology could see you learning about an entirely new industry as you are drafted into managing their computer systems. A qualification in this realm could even see you being responsible for government data management and Cloud cyber-security.

Circuit board design

To many, the circuit board is just the piece of a computer that gets blown on, dusted down occasionally, or remains eternally hidden. Knowing how to use unique pieces of circuit board design software such as CircuitStudio, where you start and begin new projects just like you would with any highs-spec software, is quite a powerful feeling. Being able to look at a circuit board and understand each component, let alone design it, is something that will separate you from most people.

Being able to help others

Information Technology is underappreciated until help is needed. Being available to fix a relative’s laptop or assist a colleague who is experiencing software difficulty is a unique reward in its own right. Being the only person in the room who knows how to dismantle a computer or get someone’s iPad and running again is a uniquely powerful feeling. Knowing that you’ve made someone’s day a lot less stressful is a great feeling to return home with after a long day.

Whether you’ve worked in Information Technology for years, or are thinking of re-training, it’s always nice to appreciate the cooler capabilities of this ever-changing sector. While its image problem might be based on a crude stereotype, it’s an industry that has been at the forefront of the world’s biggest technological changes.

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