The Right “Whey” To Build Muscle!

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We all want to build muscle fast, and we want it done yesterday, without any effort! Well, I can’t help you with the lazy part, but there are some great ways to build muscle fast, especially if you’ve just checked your watch and realized there’s not long left until beach season!


Firstly, set yourself strength goals. While it may be a good goal to put on so many pounds of muscle or to get as fit as Bruce Lee, it may not be feasible within a certain amount of time. Instead, you should focus on getting strong by doing compound exercises. By increasing your strength, it improves your body’s ability to recruit the muscle fibers. So by focusing on the areas that you wish to highlight, spend more time on increasing the strength of that area.

Make sure you are eating enough. If you are aiming to put on muscle, it won’t happen if you aren’t eating enough calories. By keeping a food journal, you will begin to see where you could sneak in an extra meal to give you that muscle gain.

Take the right supplements. Vitamins are beneficial for quicker recovery and muscle growth, as well as supplements like BCAAs and HGHs. HGHs are relatively new on the scene, so check out to get a better idea if they are suited to your muscle gaining regime.

Compound exercises are king! Working as many different muscles at the same time causes a massive surge in testosterone which promotes muscle growth. The key compound exercises are the squat, deadlift, press, chin up, and row.

Sleep! It’s barely spoken about, but to build muscle, you need to sleep! You must aim to get your 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night to make sure your muscles are recovered sufficiently enough in time for your next workout. And while we’re on the subject, don’t look at your phone! It’s very tempting to check out the latest workouts on Pinterest, but the blue light disrupts your melatonin, which means you won’t get proper rest, leaving you sluggish in the gym.

You need pre and post workout nutrition! Firstly you need the energy to do the workouts, and secondly, you need the protein and carbs hit to recover quicker. Ideally, drink a protein shake just before you start and another one as soon as you finish. Just be careful with the amount you have because it can upset your stomach. If you are looking for a hit of energy before the gym without a protein shake, a flapjack and a cup of coffee will help.

Train the whole body, not just the bits you want to look good! In other words, workout every muscle! Muscle imbalances don’t look good, and compound exercises recruit muscle fibers in other parts of your body, not just the part of the body you’re exercising, so you need to focus on each area. If you only go to the gym three times a week, you need to exercise the whole body to get the gains you want!


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