The Terrain Cooler Review

Color us surprised for we have found our new favorite way of transportation. Yeah sure, we are all couch potatoes at heart so this kind of feels right at home. Ever imagined that there will be a vehicle small enough to fit in the back of your truck yet large enough to ride and carry all your beverages and groceries but keeping them ice cold? Or, you might want to sit back and enjoy Australia‚Äôs Killer Pokies with a cold one in the yard? Microgaming casinos or not, look no further than the brand new terrain cooler line by Riding Coolers. 

This is a brand new product that aims to deliver a stellar “riding cold” experience. It is starting to get noticed a lot – even by celebrities. Just check out Ellen Degeneres (a firm favorite of Thunder Treats) on her show being all cool and you know – in the groove with her very own Terrain Cooler.  

So, what is this thing we are talking about exactly? Well, if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway it is a rideable cooler with wheels. They are considered very light weight, small motorized vehicles that you can use to move around and carry your items (mostly food) cooled and with you at all times. You can use them to travel to the supermarket (with a range of 10 – 30 miles depending on the model), drive around on the golf court, power through to ramps (up and down) and much more.

There are two main types of the Riding Cooler. The first is called the Tryke and has 3 wheels. It can use its spring loaded foot pegs to help you better accommodate while riding, it comes in both gas and electric form (the electric has a shorter mileage) and is loaded with accessories like: disc brakes, stop switch, chain drive (yeah, you can pretty much drive around with your own trailer!… well, smaller trailer), stop switch and more. It is very light weight and can go up to 13 miles per hour (it is actually funny when you think about it – you can ride this little buggy that carries your beer cold).

The second models belong to the All Terrain-Cooler category. These are larger models that include 2 Hp gas engine, off road tires (for all of you adventurers out there in the wild), fenders, aluminum mag-wheels and more. It is best utilize for outdoor activities like hunting, picnics, exploring the wilderness and or visiting a friend at Fhats.

Thanks to their sturdy construction and ease of handling, we strongly recommend giving these riding coolers a try. Not only will you be able to experience joy of having all your favorite beverages cold and at hands reach but you will move more freely and with greater capacity.

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