Things a PDF Reader Can Do

A PDFs reader is your one stop shop to view, edit and create PDF files. Most PDF readers like are free to download and they are available for a number of operating systems including Android, iOs, Windows and even Mac.

The things a PDF reader can do are commendable and with each passing year, the number of PDF readers on the market is only increasing as more and more people are now using PDF files due to their benefits.

By its name, it seems as if a PDF reader can only read files but that’s not true. It can do a lot more than that.

Here are some things a PDF reader can do:

Work On Multiple Files

What good is a reader if it can’t open a bunch of files simultaneously? PDF readers are capable of opening multiple PDF files in one go. Moreover, you can simultaneously work on those files.

However, working on more than one files can be daunting and confusing which is why a PDF reader can help you with that.

It lets you highlight important documents and even let you leave notes or remarks on files so that you can easily come back to the highlighted part without having to waste any time.

Create And Convert Files into PDFs

Along with the luxury of reading and editing PDF files, a PDF reader also lets you create files from scratch. However, not all PDF readers offer this option but only the ones that have advanced options.

Being able to create new PDF files is remarkable and beneficial for organizations. It eliminates the need to overuse files and edit them completely.

Apart from creating, you can also convert certain file formats into PDF format. This saves time as it removes the need to create a file from scratch.

Reading Modes And Other Options

Different readers may have different demands when it comes to reading PDF files or eBooks. This is exactly what a PDF reader offers: Different Reading Modes.

You can choose from Landscape View, Portrait View, Night Mode, Book Miew and many other reading modes. These huge number of options make PDF readers a great choice for avid readers as they can pick from various types and enjoy their favorite books no matter where they are.

For people with reading disabilities, some advanced PDF readers offer read out loud mode as well.

This mode eliminates the need to read a document or a file by your own. Instead, the PDF reader reads it out to you. However, this is usually a paid option and not all readers offer it.

Organize PDF Files

When you have many PDF files stored on your device, it can become daunting and frustrating to find the one that you need. However, the problem can be solved with a PDF reader as they keep all files organized and make it easy to find what you’re looking for with the search option


PDF readers are amazing, however, make sure that you download the one which has a lot of features so that you can make the most of it.

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