Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 021: DiLo Totaled His Car After Saying Women Can’t Drive, The Heat Win, Hibbert’s Fine for Slur, Money Mayweather & Bieber Can’t Stop Being a Douche

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This week’s episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast has a bit of everything.  We invited my roommate Lydell onto the show this week and he didn’t disappoint…especially with his Tony Parker impression. 

About 24 hours after DiNunz and myself made fun of women for not being able to drive, I totaled my car.  Listen for the story.  Also, the NBA playoffs and Roy Hibbert’s remarks and Justin Bieber can’t stop being a douche bag.  We may have to retire him. 

ALSO, DiNunz has launched his #SICKSTRONG campaign to raise awareness about people who get sick over winter and are still sick in June.  I think.  He will have wristbands for you, hit him up on Twitter.

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  1. jack sprat

    June 11, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Isn’t it more traditional for girlish film stars who’re “aging out” simply to doff their clothing in some cheesy movie that went straight to video? Or, doesn’t that work for girls like Bieber, whose only demographic seems to be lesbians?

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