Top 10 Ways for Stay at Home Moms and Dads to Make Money

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The rise in the number of single-parent families means that an increasing number of parents are choosing to stay at home. It’s not always moms that are the ones to stay at home; dads are doing it too. When it comes to raising children, it’s almost a full-time job in itself, but if you find yourself in need of an income, you’ll be pleased to learn there are several ways you can earn money from home. Here are 10 of the most popular ideas.

  1. Online tutoring

If you have an academic specialty and have a few hours to spare during the week why not share your knowledge with students who need extra help? If you don’t want to be a tutor online, there may be kids at your local school or college looking to improve their grades.

  1. Selling

For this role you’ll be making lots of telephone calls trying to sell products, asking people to answer surveys, or requesting donations for charities. It can be a fantastic job for stay at home parents because the work often comes in shifts.

  1. Customer Service

There are few requirements for this job which is perfect for stay at home parents who have got little time for training. Generally, you’ll be taking inbound calls and helping customers with their queries.

  1. Transcriber

For this work, you’ll need accurate typing skills and be a good listener. This job doesn’t suit everyone as it’s a little more involved than just typing. It requires good concentration and a lot of time. The turnaround is quick, and the workload is unpredictable.

  1. E-commerce store

Set up your own e-commerce store and try your hand at selling products online from home. There are many things you could sell including homemade cakes, clothes, books, greetings cards, and gifts.

  1. Babysitting

You’ve got heaps of experience in this area. What parent wouldn’t want you looking after their kids while they’re slogging it away at the office? The new playmates will help to keep your kids occupied. However, the amount you earn depends on your location and how many kids you’ll be watching.

  1. Product tester

There are many companies looking for customer opinions, and they’re more than willing to pay for it. You need a computer or a smartphone and internet access. The work you’ll be doing varies, as does the amount you get paid. You could test websites or review cleaning products or cosmetics, for example.

  1. Arts and crafts

Do you make your own crafts? Are you a dab hand with the knitting needles or are you fond of embroidery? You may find a market for your crafts and be able to sell them online. There are plenty of sites than enable this that are up and running already. A small fee is charged for listing your items and often an additional percentage is taken when you make a sale.

  1. Writer

You might not think you’ve got the right skill set, but it might surprise you. You’ll be writing articles about a variety of subjects, usually between 500 and 2,000 words. There are thousands of website owners crying out for content which means you’ll get paid for your articles.

  1. Data entry clerk

For this work from home role you’ll need a certain level of computer skills. Basically, it’s entering information on a computer. Knowledge of typing, accuracy, speed, creating folders, sending emails and using the internet are preferred.



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