Top Courses To Study Online in 2019

Studying online has become an increasingly popular choice for those who want to improve their career prospects without having to give up what they are already doing. It allows a large degree of flexibility, and saves both money and time in traveling to classes. All you need is access to a computer and a good internet connection to get started, while there are thousands of resources online to help you through your course.

Choosing to take an online course also provides you with more options, as you are not limited to what is being offered by your local institution. In fact, with so many possibilities, you may find it difficult to even decide what the most suitable one would be for you. Here are some of the best courses you can complete online.


Learning another language is a highly effective way of opening doors to opportunities that would otherwise have remained shut. It allows you to foster relationships with people from different countries, building a broad network that extends beyond just those with whom you share a common language. It also gives you more reason to travel and live abroad, providing you with the possibility of immersing yourself in the culture far more successfully than you could have without knowing the local language.

Some of the top jobs for people who have studied a language include:

  • Translator
  • Foreign correspondent
  • English teacher abroad
  • Interpreter
  • Tourist information officer


Entering the world of criminal justice is a prospect that many may find daunting, yet it delivers some of the most rewarding results in any sphere of work. It encompasses a variety of different roles, from working closely in the rehabilitation of young offenders to collecting evidence from crime scenes as a forensic scientist, carrying new and exciting challenges everyday. For that reason, studying for a criminology degree online in Canada has become a popular choice amongst those looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community in a fulfilling position.

Studying criminology involves learning a number of important skills and touches on a range of topics, including psychology, mental health, justice and methodology in policing. These skills are highly transferable, with many choosing to major in a more specific field after receiving their bachelors.

Computer Science

Developing skills that are relevant to the digital age are essential in the increasingly competitive job market that exists today. While studying a degree in History or English might be significant for expanding skills in other areas, computer science offers students the chance to learn a whole host of useful abilities that can be used in various different business, scientific and social contexts.

Expertise in computing enables people to solve complex problems, work with sophisticated software, improve their employment prospects and, most importantly for some, earn a substantial amount of money. According to the job vacancy website,, the average salary in the United States for a computer scientist is nearly $100,000.

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