6 Activities To Get You Into The Great Outdoors This Summer!

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The weather is warming up at last, so it’s time to get outdoors! The benefits of exercising outdoors or even just being outdoors are immense. Lighter days enhance mood and vitamin D provides energy. If you’re stuck for inspiration, the following ideas may help.



Sailing covers so many options. You could opt for high adrenaline rafting and kayaking or opt for a more serene option of yachting. If you require sailing tuition there are many courses available from beginner to more advanced. You could take the whole family on a canoeing trip with tuition included and discover the lakes and rivers in your locality. It will be a great bonding experience and you will all reap the benefits of being in the outdoors.


Fishing is growing in popularity as an outdoor activity and once you negotiate your way through the bamboozling amount of equipment and permits required, the hobby can be quite cost effective.

When you have mastered the basics of fishing and have enjoyed time spent fishing in freshwater localities you may wish to try your skills at surf fishing, direct from the shore. Fishing Tech World have a huge range of surf fishing rods available. Although fishing isn’t high adrenaline or fat burning, being outdoors in tranquil surroundings has great health benefits.


Tennis is an excellent activity for increasing stamina and strength, it is also competitive and a little friendly competition is motivating and fun! Tennis can be played year round, both indoor and outdoor. You could opt for joining a local tennis club, or just buy a couple of raquets and hire a tennis court at your local park.


Hiking and walking has the benefit of being good for your body physically, having cardiovascular benefits as well as mentally. Being in the great outdoors and discovering new places is fulfilling. You may wish to combine the hiking with a walking holiday, or walk along tried and trusted routes. You could consider challenging yourself to complete are certain number of miles or climb to the top of hills/mountains in your area.


A step up from walking and fantastic for setting yourself challenges. Start small and build up your fitness levels. It won’t be long before you complete your first marathon! Ensure you get the correct running shoes and consider joining a running club so you can enjoy the camaraderie of other runners at the same level.


In the Winter swimming tends to be an indoor activity, unless you’re very brave. The summer opens up a whole host of options. Swimming in rivers, lakes and in the sea becomes a much more attractive thought. Research carefully any safety precautions relating to where you wish to swim. Tides  and currents can be dangerous, hidden obstacles may be present in rivers and lakes. Take other people with you as backup. You could always choose to swim in an outdoor pool, many open up during the summer months.

This is a tiny snapshot of the outdoor activities available, there are many more. Check out what’s available in your local area and have fun!    

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