Alternative Days Out With the Lads

Chances are that you do the same old thing almost every time you meet up with your friends. Perhaps you spend time in a local pub or bar, drinking pints and catching up with their personal lives. Maybe you head to one another’s’ homes to catch the latest sports game and support your team. Or you might head out for a meal together every now and then. While this might be fun and you might all thrive in the familiar atmosphere, it’s always a good idea to switch things up every once in a while. Here are just a few alternative days out that you might like to consider planning!


You don’t necessarily have to head overseas or take a week off work to arrange a little getaway with your boys. Trying to book a big trip can be difficult when everyone has different schedules, commitments and responsibilities. You’ll generally find that plans completely fall through or someone has to be left out because they can’t make it. But if you plan a camping trip for a couple of days in a nearby area, chances are that everyone will be able to attend. This gives you a good opportunity to try something new, bonding and catching up in the outdoors rather than being cooped up for once. Just make sure you have the right gear to make the trip enjoyable. You should have a reliable and waterproof tent, some good walking boots, and you might even want to invest in some fishing equipment – you can find this if you visit


Paintball can either get some some healthy team spirit going between you and your friends, as you team up to take on rivals. It’s a social game that requires you to work together at the same time as filling you with adrenaline. You’re almost bound to go home with some funny anecdotes from this experience.


If you and your friends have a similar taste in music, it’s a good idea to book up tickets to see your favorite band, artist, or DJ together. Remember that tickets for high-demand shows tend to sell out pretty fast, so it’s best to know exactly when they go on sale and to dedicate the time to sitting down at your laptop and securing tickets as a group. This ensures that nobody misses out.

Sports Events

Rather than catching sports events on the television at your place or in the local pub, why don’t you and your friends bag tickets and head to see the action in real life? This makes more of an event out of the game, giving you the opportunity to get ready and actually go somewhere. This can see things become a lot more social and enjoyable!

These are just a few different ideas to get the ball rolling. The long and short of it is that you should make more time for seeing your friends in person rather than merely messaging through smartphones and other devices!

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