The Best Liquor For Your Party

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Parties are the best, especially parties that offer incredible liquor and some great music. Here is a list of the best Liquors you could possibly buy for your next party.

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

With all the taste of vanilla coke, this drink is well known for being easy to drink straight. Almost too easy. It tastes incredible and sneaks up on you like a wolf, what better way to get drunk than to have a bottle of this?


Named “Best of Class International Specialty Spirit” in the 2016 American Distilling Institute (ADI) Spirits competition, this traditional Mexican spirit comes from Oaxacan soil. It has a smooth body with flavours of citrus fruit, notes of smokiness and a spicy finish to round it all off.

St George Pear Brandy

Located in Alameda, California. This Brandy is known as America’s first post-prohibition craft distillery. 30 pounds of organic Pears go into each bottle. It is traditionally used by Europeans as a digestif, but it is also the perfect way to round off a cocktail with fruitiness. It’s even perfect for drinking on its own without being added to champagne or enjoyed in a Pear Martini.

Prunier Family Reserve Cognac

With history traced back to the 17th century, this Cognac is one of the finest money can buy. Jean Prunier began shipping his wines and cognacs around the world in the 17th century. When drinking this cognac, the palate is enticed with flavours of hazelnut and leather. Leading to a finish with lots of caramel.

Macchu Pisco

This unadulterated spirit is made of just one ingredient: Grape juice. Peru’s regulations dictate that when making this spirit nothing, not even water, can be added to it. It’s 100% pure and 100% delicious. The final product carries a medium body with vanilla and lime, lemongrass and earthy notes.

Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin

Miller was disgruntled with the gins on the market, so he set about making his own. Its composition includes 10 of the most high-quality botanicals from around the world, including oranges from Seville, irises from Florence, and juniper berries from Tuscany or India. The spirit that results is rather complex, and has notes of juniper and citrus. This drink can be sipped neat and still be quite pleasurable.

Tito’s handmade vodka

We just had to include a vodka in this list. A party wouldn’t be a party without a few shots of vodka, would it? This vodka was born in the middle of Texas, which is quite surprising. Started in the late 90’s, this vodka is very crisp and fresh tasting. It mixes well with fruit juices and tonic, but is best enjoyed neat and at a cool temperature. You can find a whole range of vodka’s at Liquor Barn.


Well, that concludes our little list of the best liquor that money can buy for your next party. I hope you have an amazing time partying and hope you enjoy all of the alcohol that you have on offer for your guests. Purchasing just one or two things from this list will surely make your party go down well with guests.

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