Dance Class, Acting Coach Or FCB Soccer School? The Joy Of Parenting A Fickle Child

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We all want the best for our kids. That’s a given. However, there’s a fine line between being one of those parents that smells just a mere whiff of acting talent in their child and sending them to stage school and the sort of mom or dad that cheers loudly from the sidelines, allowing their child to find their own way. You want to be supportive but not pushy. On the other hand, you may have a child that wants to experience everything under the sun all at the same time. They are fickle. Knowing what to do for the best can be a minefield. Take a look at these tips that’ll help your child morph from faddy to focused.

Give Your Child Time

Sometimes we are guilty of trying to force our kids down an avenue they have absolutely no wish to go down. Just because your son had a go at cross country running at school and came first doesn’t mean he’ll appreciate you enrolling him in some sort of off-piste running weekend club for youngsters. You have to allow your child to find their own way and locate their own interests. It may take time, and there’s no doubt that you’ll experience some faddy toe dipping along the way. It’s not uncommon for a child to be keen on art one week and tennis the next before forgetting both of these pastimes and becoming obsessed with go-karting. Experiencing a wealth of different activities will allow your offspring to finally settle on the one thing that they are passionate about.

Be Their Greatest Champion

Once your child has settled into a hobby or activity, sit back and give them time to enjoy it. Don’t push no matter how much talent you see in them. Like other forays into sports, art or acting, this may be a fad. Give your little cherub time and see if this is something that is more than just a dalliance. If it is, consider how you can best support their passion. If it’s dance that they are longing for, maybe source a weekend class or summer camp specializing in the genre that your child adores. If soccer is more their thing, seek out a club like FCBC and look into the academies and camps they run to support youngsters. By doing this, you’re encouraging your children to learn from the best teachers available, enthusing them even more about their chosen hobby. Any luck and they will remain focused rather than seeking out yet another new activity.

Don’t Smother Them

Remember, the activities or hobbies that your child chooses to partake in is only part of their intricate makeup. You don’t have to talk about this one aspect of their life with them every time you have a conversation. Your child is more than this. Talk to them about TV, movies, school, and friends. Focusing on the single activity that they have shown an interest in wreaks of pushy parent and could see your child turning their back on a hobby that they once loved and returning to their faddy nature.

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