Date Prepping For Men

Everyone always thinks of the girl when it comes to going on a date. But where is the appreciation for us men? Most men often feel the nerves just as much as women do, and have to go through just as much preparation to get ready for the date. But nerves can often cloud the vision of what is needed for date prep. You want to be pulling out all the stops to impress your special lady friend, but what do they actually want!? Women are notoriously hard to judge, and it is even harder to know what they’re truly looking for from a guy on the first date. But luckily for you we have some inside information to help you out. If you want to wow your date from the minute they meet you, then follow our advice below.

The Date Location

This one is the part of the date that you’re going to overthink the most about. It potentially has the power to make or break your date night. A girl likes to be wowed, you always need to remember that. So first think about what she likes, and what she does with her friends. If she’s a relaxed stay at home girl, then the cinema could be a good idea. But if you know she’s a bit of a party animal, then you’ve got to do something that involves some fancy cocktails. Hopefully you will have got to know her likes and dislikes enough to know where to go for food. Whatever you do, don’t take a vegetarian to a steak house just because you like steak! If you’re in the position of dating a veggie, why not find a restaurant that’s highly rated for vegetarian food. All it takes is a quick Google search to find one. Now, if you’re going for cocktails, then push the boat out a bit. Don’t just go to your local pub where you can get a pitcher of sex on the beach for a couple of pennies. Find a fancy cocktail restaurant that does the yummiest cocktails. Yes, for one night you might be spending a lot of money. But if it means winning over the heart of the girl you like, it’ll all be worth it in the end. Hint of the day is this; if you’re taking her to the cinema, find out what genre of film she likes. Don’t take someone who hates horror films to see one, it won’t work out well.

Your Image

How you look is definitely the most important part in a girls eyes. If you’ve never met at all before, then all she’s going to have to go on is pictures. Pictures we all know can be deceiving. So a bit of male grooming is essential. Let’s start with the basics, your hair. If you’re never really one to care about your hair or how it looks, let it change for just this one night. A new haircut can completely change how you look, and more importantly, how attractive you are. Mens haircuts are cheap, they don’t take you too long, and if you can get the style right it’ll make you all that more appealing to your date. Try not to be too experimental. A short back and sides with them faded in is really popular at the minute. Keep the length short enough on the stop for you to style it.

Now onto something just as important, how you dress. Your date is most likely going to be putting hours of thought into what she’s wearing, now whilst you don’t need to go as OTT, you should still be putting some thought into this. If you want to really make an effort, you could buy a fresh outfit. If you’re going to the cinema, then jeans and a nice T-shirt or polo will do. But for a really nice meal and a few cocktails out, you’re going to have to go even fancier. Women like a man in a shirt, it’s a fact. Black jeans, with a white or black long sleeved shirt is attractive enough. Make sure you wear some smart shoes rather than trainers, and finish the look off with a bomber coat or smart coat. How you smell is also so important. One million for men has always been a firm favorite with women. But, Hugo Boss do some exceptionally nice smelling manly aftershaves that will draw her in.

So there you go, date prepping should now be the easiest thing for you to do. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you on the day. Just relax into the date and get to know the person better.

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