Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? Try CBD!

Modern medicine keeps amazing us every day. So far, we know that every disease or human suffering has its own cure and the doctor will prescribe it accordingly. Nowadays, we are witnessing the development of a revolutionary treatment. We are talking about cannabidiol, an extract from the cannabis plant also known as CBD.

Until recently, we knew that this plant can be used for recreational purposes. Many of us even blamed smokers for using it, because we thought that is harmful for their health and causes addiction.

However, medical studies showed the opposite: cannabidiol and similar extracts have a calming, health-protective benefit over the human body. In addition, due to the fact that it acts on the nervous system and neural receptors, the substance can solve sleeping issues and multiple physical and mental health conditions. In fact, this is a major reasoning behind the legalization of cannabis with medical and recreational purposes in several American states.

We wanted to find out more on this matter, so we started looking for reviews on CBD articles. According to these reviews, many people smoke cannabis because they have trouble sleeping. Also, it helps them fight depression and its effects. Seeing this, we wanted to find out more and share our findings.

How can cannabis have therapeutic purposes?

At first, we find it hard to believe that a plant until recently considered a drug can be used with medical purpose. It looks like cannabis has some compounds scientifically known as cannabinoids. Their therapeutic qualities are useful in treating a wide range of conditions and symptoms, starting form sleeping issues, pain and inflammation and continuing with anxiety, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

What exactly is CBD?

Years ago, we were far from imagining that an extract from the cannabis plant could be used as a cure. Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is available in oil or supplement form and it has many possible uses. Other important information is that CBD is legal in all 50 American states, while medical cannabis isn’t.

How come it is so efficient?

So far, scientists managed to learn that CBD interacts with different receptors, proteins and other chemicals from the brain. As a result, changes are made in the activity of neurotransmitters, hormones and other cells from the human body, leading to a regularization of the system’s functions.

According to researchers, CBD could have an important role in the development of new brain cells (neurogenesis). The compound is known for having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities. In this case, we can understand why it is an efficient therapy for sleep disorders and other medical issues, from neurological disorders to autoimmune diseases, chronic pain and depression. Since it is efficient in ”relaxing” the nervous system and inducing the ”sleeping-mode”, it reduces the pain from the body, so it can also work as an analgesic.

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