Everything You Need To Build Your Very Own Battle Bot

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Whether you love them or are terrified that they are going to take over the world, everyone is fascinated by robots. It’s no surprise really, as robots are everywhere these days; They are in hit films like Transformers, protecting you as soldiers, building cars, packaging foods, and assembling toys, and are even fighting one another on shows like BattleBots and Robot Wars. Because you’re exposed to them so much, it’s no wonder that a tech lover or one hundred are building their own, and you can too. You don’t need to be a mad scientist or evil genius to build your own battle bot; You just need the right knowledge and equipment. Keep reading for a simple guide of the types of things that you are going to need for your robot.


You have to remember that you are building a moving machine, not a bookshelf, so the screwdriver and hammer that you have stashed away somewhere isn’t going to be of much use to you; You need to buy some proper tools. These will include things like a small screwdriver set, pliers, a welder, a drill press, electric saws, and much more. This lot, unfortunately, isn’t going to come cheap, but once you’ve got it, you never need to buy it again and can keep making robots.

Armor & Frame

The purpose of your battle bot is to fight other battle bots, so you’re going to need to have armor that is durable and lightweight so that you can get around fairly quickly. Titanium is best if you’re not on too tight of a budget, but aluminium is much cheaper and is more commonly used because of this. You’ll need to design your battle bot before buying your frame and armor, as you’ll need to know the size beforehand.


Your motor is the heart and soul of your robot; It will determine how fast it can go, and how strong and resilient it is when up against another robot. There are lots of different motors out there, like the newly popular BLDC motors, so make sure you do your research before choosing one. Yours should be as lightweight as possible and should fit comfortably inside the frame, preferably with room for extra armor around it to protect it.


Your battle bot can’t run without a battery, so don’t forget this important piece of tech when you’re out shopping for robot parts. Like with your motor, your battery should be as lightweight as possible, so that it doesn’t slow your bot down in a fight. It should also have as much power as possible with a high discharge rate. Lithium polymer batteries are used most commonly, as they tend to have these attributes. You should also remember only to buy a battery that your robot can manage and is proportionate to its frame.

Receiver & Controller

Considering how important your receiver and controller are, and the fact that your robot isn’t going anywhere without them, they are a commonly overlooked aspect when building a robot. A shelf-ready RC controller is usually recommended, especially for beginners, as it helps to keep things relatively simple. If you wanted to convert your XBox controller into a battle bot controller, it would take a lot of tricky and time-consuming work, which is something most people don’t want to do when their robot is ready and waiting to be played with. Make sure your controller has enough channels to handle all of your robot’s movements, including its weapon.

Weapon Of Choice

You’ll probably have had your weapon picked out from the moment that you decided that you wanted to build a battle bot, but it’s important to mention this essential piece of equipment all the same. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to your weapon choice (just watch BattleBots!), so you can be free to have a little fun and let your imagination run wild. Genuinely, you can have whatever your heart desires, from an axe to a flamethrower. You could even go old school and just have a massive mallet to crush your opponent. As long as your motor and battery can handle it, your robot can have it.

There you go, everything you need to build your very own battle bot. This lovely new addition to your man cave isn’t going to be the simplest of projects to complete, but it is going to be a lot of fun, and will be even more so once you’re finished so good luck.

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