Everything You Wanted to Know about 3D Slots

3D is not a new technology. The concept has been around since 1915, but it was too costly, and there was a lack of international standards to create relevant computer programs to support it. It was in the 2000s that it was perfected. Companies built engines and software to render the images better in movies. And casinos joined the ride.

But what comprises 3-dimensional slots and how are they different from the common ones we play? Are there really free online casino games for real money with no deposit required?

3D Slots Have Depth

A 2D slot machine only shows you the length and height of an image. The same goes for any 2D animated film or picture. 3D, however, has depth or width. It is this single difference that makes 3-dimensional images look more realistic as opposed to being cartoonish, making it look live like a live action film.

With slots, you do not need 3D glasses to enjoy the game. The movies that require these glasses are of a different variant, usually played in IMAX theaters. These kinds of movies give the viewer an experience of being close to the scenes, as opposed to an ordinary 3D that is much more focused on being realistic than being close.

3D Slots are Interactive

Usually, 2D slots offer many types of interactive bonus rounds where the player gets to pick among several options. Three-dimensional slots incorporated this feature but added more interactive mechanisms, such as characters hanging around the slot grid, letting you select which kinds of bonuses you want to activate while spinning.

Three-dimensional also have story-lines very similar to what you see in consoled video games.  In video games, your gaming experience is made better by cut-scenes, like as if you are watching a movie. The same happens in most 3-dimensional slot machines.

3D Slots Have the Same Game-play

The usual 5-line slot machine operates with five reels and three rows. You place your wager after choosing how many lines to activate, and then you click the Spin button. The slot machine has winning combinations which you need to land to be able to win a cash prize. Many machines offer wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds.

3D versions offer the same game-play, with the exception of animations. In 3-dimensional variants, you will typically see a character get involved in a bonus. An example is a character that randomly shoots all the symbols in the grid, and turning them into wild. This feature is part of the game developer’s effort to showcase the movie-like qualities of the game.

3D Slots Do Not Cost More

Every now and then, a new technology finds its way to the masses. Players will naturally assume that since it is new, it is also more costly than the old versions. This belief is not true. Slot machines that use 3D technology are not different in pricing than the 2D ones.

In regular slots, you can wager as low as £0.01 per spin. You can do the same with 3-dimensional slot machines, and yet you get a better experience. The one problem you have to face is its rarity, especially in land-based casinos. Although the technology is not new, it is still in the process of catching up because it is much more difficult to design than the traditional ones.

Online, you can find it almost instantaneously. Just search Google, and you will find a myriad of websites offering it. And yes, there are many demo versions that you can try for free before you invest real money. You can play the demo versions without download and registration requirements.


Three-dimensional slots have arrived, and they are here to stay. In the future, we may be looking at it as a standard in the casino environment. As the gaming industry produces more and more engines and sophisticated software, it will drive down the cost of creating 3-dimensional games, making it more accessible to the masses, including land-based casinos.

One day, we may also be looking at a new way to play. As of this time, virtual reality is the closest to reality we have. Many companies are now dedicating adequate research and development to advance this technology further.

As always, money management is a critical element to succeed in it. Whenever you play, you have to read the rules first and take a peek at the pay table. Do this to understand your odds. If your goal is to hit the jackpot and you have tons of cash to gamble, then wager the highest amount, then cross your fingers and hope to win.

If you are a casual player and your intent is to have a good time, choose the lowest bet, but make sure that you activate all the lines. Your goal is to stretch your funds and land as many winning combinations as you can.

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